7 ridiculous facts about the CORINTHIA Hotel - A Hotel for the Super Rich & Famous!

A new show called A Hotel for the Super Rich & Famous will air on BBC One tonight (Thursday, November 29th).

The two-part series explores the lavish and luxury London hotel which will set you back £22,000 per night to stay in the Trafalgar Square penthouse!

Here are seven of the most ridiculous facts about the Corinthia Hotel London.

A Hotel for the Super Rich – Picture Shows: With staff at the entrance to the Corinthia Hotel Chef Nick Bradshaw, Thomas Kochs (Managing Director), Chef Tom Kerridge – (C) Spun Gold TV – Photographer: John Rogers

Don’t Drop It!

For those who are slightly clumsy when they’ve had a tipple or two, perhaps the Corinthia Hotel London isn’t the one for you.

Their champagne glasses cost £100 per flute, meaning things could get a little pricey should you accidentally snap a neck or two.

Screen Shot: Corinthia Hotel London – https://www.corinthia.com

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The Royal Penthouse

The Royal Penthouse is one of the largest penthouse suites in London. However, it does come at a cost of £22,000 a night.

Yet even then, general manager Thomas Kochs recalled one guest staying for half a year – that’s almost £4 million!

Thomas said:

We had one client stay in here for six months.

Picture Shows: With staff at the entrance to the Corinthia Hotel Thomas Kochs (Managing Director) – (C) Spun Gold TV – Photographer: John Rogers

Back ‘n’ Sides

The Corinthia has its own luxury barber on site.

The gentleman’s traditional haircut and wet shave cost a whopping £105, though.

Probably not worth it if you just want a quick backs ‘n’ sides.

Cuppa Tea?

The afternoon tea package is a staple for any tourist looking to fill their Instagram with pics of them looking all classy and British.

Fortunately, the Corinthia Hotel London has the perfect venue for a PG Tips or two.

The hotel hosts an afternoon tea party at their glamorous Crystal Moon Lounge, complete with a 1,001-crystal  chandelier beaming above the heads of customers.

Going Global

Should you want to take a tour of the Corinthia Hotel’s across the globe then there is nine to choose from including London – Budapest, Malta (2), Prague, Lisbon, St Petersburg, Tripoli, Khartoum.

Two more are opening in Dubai and Brussels in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

Bassoon Bar

The Bassoon Bar is Corinthia’s hub for food and drink.

A cheap wine will set you back £16 per glass while the most expensive bottle is a vintage rose that costs £580.

To be fair, they have had Lana Del Rey playing at that bar, which isn’t bad for hotel entertainment!

Type of Guest

You may be wondering what type of guest enjoys flashing their cash so extravagantly.

Think actors, artists and, of course, Will.i.am. has stayed at the hotel!




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