7 things 'creepy' Idris Virgo would do to you in a club - according to Twitter!

Twitter has enjoyed a playful few days following the arrival of Idris Virgo in the Love Island villa.

The 25-year-old professional boxer (2-0-0) from Birmingham has been hilariously self-assured, sharking on every girl with a “you’re already mine” attitude.

He’s cocky, confident, and outrageously full of himself.

Here are seven things Idris Virgo would do to you in a club – according to some fans on Twitter!

Girl recalls time Idris Virgo DM’d her on Facebook – this guy is too much!

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Love Island: SR4: Ep39 on ITV2
Pictured: Idris Virgo and Alexandra during the challenge.

1. Wait For You Outside the Loo

Apparently, Idris Virgo is that guy who never gives up on the chase.

Speak to him once by the bar and prepare to be bombarded by his advancements for the rest of the evening.

As Shannon said:

2. Grind On You Like Terry Crews

There’s always one guy, dripping with sweat and generally going a little OTT on the dance floor.

Following Idris’s moves in the fireman striptease contest, we all know that he’d be the first to take off his top in the middle of a Vodka Revs.

Aggressively thrusting his bare chest in your direction, because, you know, it’s sexy…

3. Whisper ‘Hehe’ in Your Ear

Yep. Idris Virgo is a whisperer.

Here, Brinsley (great name) envisions Idris refusing to take no for an answer as you try to play the ‘boyfriend’ card.

Silly girls, Idris Virgo is always the top trump!

4. Stalk You Like Prey

Having seen the fierce focus in Idris’s eyes during his striptease, we can assume that his flirting technique revolves around not blinking.


Picture Idris beaming his eyes into the back of your head like The Demon Headmaster.

That’s called flirting…

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR4: Ep38 on ITV2

Pictured: Idris Virgo

5. Tell You All About His Boxing

Okay, so technically, yes, Idris Virgo is a professional boxer.

However, he’s only had two bouts, so he’s not exactly Mohammad Bruce Ali.

Nonetheless, we’re sure Idris loves to impress girls by telling them all about his sporting profession.

6. Scamper After You

For some people, scampering after a girl while begging for their phone number isn’t shameful at all.

This type of person is called an Idris Virgo.

As Joanna said:


From ITV Studios

Love Island: SR4: Ep38 on ITV2
Pictured: Idris Virgo

7. Make Needlessly Uncomfortable Eye Contact

According to some fans on Twitter, Idris Virgo is the lingering type.

He’s that bloke who squeezes past you in the club but uncomfortably locks eye contact for a split second too long.

As Bronteisa said:




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