7 things you DIDN’T KNOW about Mike Mulderrig – Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club!

7 things you DIDN'T KNOW about Mike Mulderrig - Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club!

Mike Mulderrig is a proud and loud Italian.

He’s well over six-foot tall, blonde, and as we like to say in the States, totally jacked.

Mike joins the cast of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach House all the way from California.

Whether you’re watching the show and thinking he’s outrageously hot or a complete a**, here are seven things you need to know!

Lindsay Lohan Beach Club – Lindsay Lohan Solo Shot

Mike is a YouTuber

Mike has his own YouTube Channel, MikeMGTV, where he talks about bartending, fitness, being bisexual and has over 63,000 followers.

He’s basically one many sheep on YouTube. Fortunately for us, however, he’s shirtless like 90% off the time.

Screenshot: Mike Mulderig’s YouTube Channel – YouTube

He is Originally From New Jersey

Mulderrig is a traditional east coast native hailing from New Jersey – even though his family immigrated from Italy.

He even hilariously imitates the New Jersey accent!


Mike wouldn’t be the first person from New Jersey to air on MTV, either.

Jersey Shore was a show filmed in New Jersey following a bunch of people living in a house in New Jersey while maintaining their work and party life. GTL, anyone?

New Jersey has also given us some household names like Meryl Streep, Zoe Saldana, Queen Latifah, and so many others.

Mike Now Lives in Los Angeles Where he Bartends

Los Angeles has many things to offer – Hollywood, the beaches, Beverly Hills… and now it even offers Mike Mulderrig.

Mike currently lives in Hollywood where he bartends at one of the hottest gay clubs in West Hollywood, The Abbey.

He Comes from a Loud and Large Family

Mike’s parents come from beautiful Italy.

He describes his grandmother as the disciplinarian while his mother and aunt are responsible for teaching him about kindness and intelligence.

Oh, and his two uncles taught him everything he needs to know about sex. We don’t mean that in a dodgy way, though…

Mike Came Out to His Family by Accident

Mike did the one thing he thought he would never do – come out to his parents by accident.

They spent a good minute repeating “what?” to each other in a deep Italian accent.

To make matters much worse, Mike’s mom had him on speaker phone with his dad listening in. They didn’t speak for three days but are both fine now.

Mike explains all of this in a YouTube video!

He Has Tattoos

Since Mike is 90% shirtless in his YouTube videos, it’s hard not to notice his tattoos!

Mike drew his first-ever tattoo himself, and it meant a lot to him.

He worked on the tattoo when he was younger, knowing that everyone would judge him for being himself when growing up.

The second one is a flipscript ambigram.

If you look at it through the top side it says, ‘betrayal,’ and if you look at it sideways, it says, ‘loyalty.’

He got the tattoo when he went through a period where he wasn’t speaking to anyone in his family.

Mike’s last tattoo is a pause and a play symbol.

He got the tat after graduating from college when he had no idea what he wanted to do next. Talking about preaching to the choir now!

Mike is Buff

Mike has made a few videos speaking about how he had body issues growing up and how he lost his weight.

He’s also made videos answering fans’ questions about his fitness routines, losing weight and dieting.




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