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7 times Celebs Go Dating’s Ollie Locke proved the SASSIEST man on the planet

Ollie Locke has been wowing us with his sass on E4 series Celebs Go Dating.

The Made In Chelsea star is renowned for his style, intelligence, elegance and an ability to quip classic one-liners with sparkling precision.

On the celebrity dating show and Ollie has been at his very best, dismissing dates for their “ghastly” tattoos while lapping up others for their “good hair”.

To celebrate the always on-point 30-year-old, here are 7 times Ollie Locke proved the sassiest man on the planet.


1. Definite Gay

During the masquerade ball and Ollie’s gaydar was all over the place.

Approaching blonde-haired Max from Middlesborough, Ollie was trying all his best moves, only to run into the brick wall that was Max being straight.

If Ollie’s stone cold face isn’t enough to put you in stitches, just check out his “definite gay” reaction.

P-Valley | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

2. Say No to Hair

With conversation stumbling, one of Ollie’s dates moved the chat onto the subject of anchovies. Ollie doesn’t like anchovies, and he has an odd reason as to why.

Ollie said: “They’ve also got hairs on them, like a really bad arse wax.”

3. Too Hot to Handle

On Ollie’s first date with cabaret fire-breather Ruben, the Made In Chelsea star fell head over heels for the smooth Frenchman and melted when hearing about his smoking hot profession.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating, E4

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating, E4

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating, E4

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating, E4

4. Vitamin D

Ollie caught up with the Celebs Go Dating girls as they lounged about in Cape Verde.

Armed with his lightning-fast wit, Ollie had plenty to say as comedian London Hughes basked in rays of Vitamin D.

5. Somebody Say Sambuca?

Having just slammed a row of shots with one of his dates, Ollie clearly had a distaste for the clear liquid flowing down his throat.

We never found out what the shots actually were, but judging by Ollie’s reaction it must have been a tray of sambuca.

Ollie said: “I’d rather milk my dogs anal gland than do that again.”

Yeah, definitely Sambuca.

6. Underpants Dilemma

Ollie brought us into a situation that we can all relate to, where he was debating over which underwear to wear on his date.

Does he go with the old grotty pair, as insurance that he can’t let his date ever see them? Hmm. But what if the date does end up back at his place flaunting two invitations to the no-pants party.

What a dilemma!

7. Twerk It Baby

In a second date with Ollie’s smoking hot Frenchman and the MIC man managed to coo his date into twerking.

Talk about a party trick.

Ollie said: “A hot frenchman is about to twerk in front of my face – best date ever.”

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