TLC’s 90 Day Fiance fans were in shock when Stephanie almost called Ryan’s cousin Harris the wrong name. So, who is he?

Stephanie and Ryan have faced several ups and downs, with the couple’s relationship – taking place over borders – facing some issues recently.

She recently admitted on the series that she cheated on Ryan with his cousin Harris, which put a further strain on their engagement.

So, who is Ryan’s cousin Harris? Let’s relive the moment Stephanie almost called him Ryan, and look at fan’s reactions…

Who is Ryan’s cousin Harris?

Farm worker Harris is 90 Day Fiance star Ryan Carr’s third cousin.

Ryan was engaged to Stephanie Davison, but it looks like they have called their engagement off, as seen on 90 Day Fiance.

Stephanie and Harris slept together twice, after she initially travelled to Belize to become Ryan’s wife, which ended in an argument.

It is thought that Ryan may be the father to three children, but this has not officially been confirmed.

He travelled six hours to visit Stephanie in Belize, after she called him in the middle of the night, asking for his support.

Fans react to Stephanie and Harris

Stephanie has been described by Harris as “so beautiful”, who added that he has no reservations about sleeping with her again.

During the Bares All episode, he revealed that he didn’t feel guilty because he believes that Ryan treated Stephanie poorly.

Viewers were shocked at Stephanie’s actions, with several annoyed that she had called Harris less than 24 hours after her and Ryan’s break-up.

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Is Stephanie in a relationship with Harris?

  • It has not been confirmed if Stephanie and Harris are together

Rumour has it that Harris is in an on-off relationship with a woman, who is thought to be the mother of his three children.

While this has not been confirmed by Harris, one of his Facebook profiles – which hasn’t been updated since 2018 – shows a woman kissing his cheek.

Judging by 90 Day Fiance‘s latest episode, when Harris said he would stick by Stephanie until she left Belize, they seemed pretty close.

She has also been spotted with a mystery man spotted in the background of a recent video on her Instagram.

Some fans think it’s his cousin Harris, or a rumoured man going by the name of Quincy Carver, or even Ryan himself.

One Reddit user said they caught Stephanie filming at a Belize resort, adding she dumps Ryan for his cousin, as reported by Screen Rant.



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