As the $100K prize nears, Street Outlaws racing teams such as Team NOLA and Team Cali are battling it out to secure a hopeful win. The two groups officially hit the track on the February 15th episode.

Every Tuesday night, the underground car scene revs up for another competition as the finale of the contest edges closer. Recently, Boddie’s Team Cali went up against Kye Kelley and Team NOLA to make it to the finals.

So, who won between NOLA and Cali? We raced to the finish line to find out which team was fastest. It was a speedy win for the team that took on the pass to the Discovery show’s finals.

Who won between NOLA and Cali?

Team Cali won the race. It comes after NOLA anticipated how fast the team were before they officially started the race, as Cali had already beaten Team Detroit in an earlier episode.

NOLA was the last one standing for the last two years, and previously made it to the final $100K race. JJ Da Boss revealed that it was set to be Cali’s “hardest match up yet”, ahead of the teams going head-to-head.

Kye revealed that “tonight is terrible for racing” due to dust being everywhere and the wind blowing a strong gale. Cali came out with the win though, as Boddie was able to showcase his skills and make it to the finish line quicker.

Fans guess who wins Fastest in America 2022

Most guesses say that NOLA wins Street Outlaws: Fastest in America Season 3. Although unconfirmed, Discovery teases the winner by showing Dennis Bailey’s car hitting Brandon James, who represents Team Cali, in a preview clip.

The team was up 4-2, and later in the February 15th episode, was up by 6-4. NOLA was then down 7-6 to Cali towards the end of the episode, and had taken some hard losses, according to JJ Da Boss.

After NOLA vs. Cali finished their match, a fan wrote on Team Boddie’s Instagram page on February 16th: “Y’all did a great job! Cannot wait to see y’all take the win next week.

The next episode on February 22nd sees Memphis vs. Northeast race it out for an entry to finals.

Viewers react to NOLA vs Cali

Even before the race went ahead, there was much anticipation from viewers. Looking on Twitter, there was a pretty balanced level of supporters on both sides of the race, across NOLA and Cali.

One fan wrote: “Come on Nola, send those Cali guys back to where they came from and move on to take the $100k.”

Another simply commented on their skills, and said: “Damn good racing on both teams.”

Bottie is the man. Always a class act I have nothing but respect for you sir“, wrote a fan of Team Cali.

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