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A timeline of Liv and Digby's yo-yo relationship: Are they officially back together for MIC season 17?

Made in Chelsea season 16 saw Digby Edgely and Olivia Bentley break up and get back together more times than imaginable.

The pair actually drove viewers to start wishing them to break up.

Digby and Liv have endured an awkward couple of years breaking up and getting back together again since series 15.

At the end of series 16, they were over, but now series 17 has started and things are back on!

Here’s everything you need to know about Liv and Digby’s relationship status now.

Liv and Digby still together (Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images)

Made in Chelsea Croatia

If we throw it right back to a year ago it’s clear to see that Liv and Digby have been doing this off/on thing a while now.

Bickering over the same basic bull – Liv is only 23, wants to party more, Digby is ready to settle down – the pair got significantly less airtime on the Croatian island of Hvar.

The final episode saw Olivia going at Digby yet again, breaking up with him for good.

Liv dropped the bombshell that she didn’t see a future together with Digby, as the 24-year-old looked just about ready to give up on life.

Screen Shot: Digby and Olivia – Made in Chelsea: Croatia, E4 Liv and Digby still together

Made in Chelsea Series 16

After taking a hit in Croatia Digby hopped on a boat and got himself the hell out of there – pronto.

However, this wasn’t the end of his drama with Olivia. During Made in Chelsea season 16 episode 1, Digby ended up at a party where Liv was exhibiting her photos of her naked self.

Surprisingly, attending a party where your ex-girlfriend is displaying huge nude portraits of herself isn’t that fun. Who’d of thought it, eh?

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea, season 16, episode 1 Are Liv and Digby still together?

After that trip to Canada where Liv fooled around with Miles Nazaire and James Taylor, Digby was pretty much done with everyone.

By episode 11 Liv was saying she did really love Digby and offered him a promise ring but by this point, he was having none of it.

Screen Shot: MIC S16 E11 Are Liv and Digby still together?

Liv and Digby 2019

Last series it looked like things were well and truly finished for the Chelsea couple.

However, now that we’re into season 17 it’s clear that Liv and Digby are back together.

This time around Liv’s said that she’s “actually happy” with her beau now.

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea series 17 episode 1 – Liv and Digby 2019

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea series 17 episode 1 Liv and Digby 2019

Liv and Digby could get the fairytale

Things look swell for the Chelsea couple now.

After all their ups and downs it seems that Liv and Digby could just be in it for the long haul. They made it all the way through filming season 17 to today!

Here they are looking happier than ever in April 2019.



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