Absolutely Ascot is a new eight-part series that takes a look at the extravagant lifestyles and turbulent love-lives of Ascot’s most glamorous.

The new ITVBe series first aired on Sunday, September 23rd, and will be on every Sunday at 10 pm.

Of the 12-member cast, Amber Tucker is the most upfront and honest.

So, who is Amber Tucker? How old is she? And where is she from?

Screenshot: Amber Tucker, Courtney Smith and Claudia Smith Absolutely Ascot - ITVBe, series 1

Screenshot: Absolutely Ascot Amber Tucker, Courtney Smith and Claudia Smith – ITVBe, series 1

1. Amber is on Daddy Credit

Ascot is pretty well known for its famous Ascot Racecourse.

Every year, the Royal Ascot is held for a week in June, so it’s pretty apt that Absolutely Ascot’s cast members love horses too.

Amber looks to have a lavish lifestyle of designer clothes, ponies and beauty treatments. That’s all fine though, as ‘daddy pays for everything” – as she said herself in episode 1!

2. She Has Roots in Ascot

Amber is said to be the only cast member to actually come from Ascot.

She’s apparently a bit of a diva and is very honest.

Amber said:

Everyone knows I will literally argue with a brick. I will argue until my point is heard. Until I know that everyone knows I’m right.


Screenshot: Absolutely Ascot Amber Tucker – ITVBe, series 1

Amber has just over 3,000 followers on Instagram (atc1_x).

Of the Absolutely Ascot cast, Amber has the least followers.

Her Instagram is made up of pics of her and boyfriend, Conor Thornton, alongside hair, nails, makeup and of course, outfit photos.

Screenshot: Amber Tucker Absolutely Ascot - ITVBe, series 1

Screenshot: Absolutely Ascot Amber Tucker – ITVBe, series 1

4. Amber Loves to Dress to Impress

Amber’s Instagram is almost only full of outrageous outfits.

There are lots of diamantes, sparkles, frills and colour.

To top it off, her hairstyles are pretty much ‘go big or go home’ and she does her makeup to match.

Amber said:


I am friends with a lot of travellers. A lot of my friends say to me, you dress like a gypsy. I don’t care, because I love it. I love bright colours, I love blingey stuff.

5. She’s a Young Gun

Amber is only 18 years old.

She’s best friends with Courtney Smith, who also stars in Absolutely Ascot.

Amber may only be 18 but she’s wise beyond her years and pretty sceptical about men.

She said:

A lot of Ascot boys think they’re the dog’s bollocks.

Amber was disgusted in episode 1 of Absolutely Ascot when millionaire Henry Simmons broke up with his long-term girlfriend, Courtney Smith, after three years. Then, one week later, he was in a relationship with Leah Fletcher.

Amber said:

I don’t think there’s one boy on this planet that doesn’t lie. I don’t know one boy that’s actually f*cking normal.

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