Absolutely Ascot takes a look at the lavish lifestyles of a group of twenty-somethings living in and around Ascot.

Getting dolled up for the races, fascinators and all isn’t all they’re good at, this lot can throw a mean party and some mean shade, too.

Series 2 of the ITV show came to a close on Sunday, November 11th 2019.

And, in true Absolutely Ascot style, the season didn’t end quietly. Ryan Paul Antony’s birthday party may have been on a boat, but it was less than plain sailing for many of the cast.

So, are Absolutely Ascot’s Mia and Rudi still together? And what about Henry and Leah?

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Pictured: Lee Smith, Amber Tucker, Angel Bo Stanley, Baby Michael, Ellie Ball, Ryan Antony and Mia Sully.

Absolutely Ascot: Are Mia and Rudi still together?

Mia Sully and Rudi Hewitt are no longer a thing! The Ascot pair looked to have hit things off in episode 8 of the show. However, it clearly didn’t last as Mia has been continuously posting photos to social media of herself and her new man, Henry Simmons!

While Mia and Henry’s relationship looked to consist of nothing more than a bit of harmless flirting, it looks like things have become a lot more serious.

It seems that Mia and Henry often go out clubbing together and even dressed up for Halloween 2019 as a couple!

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What about Henry and Leah?

Henry and Leah had a huge argument during episode 8 of Absolutely Ascot.

Things popped off at Ryan’s birthday party and Leah was in tears, once again.

Now, from Instagram, it looks like Leah’s loved up in November 2019 with a new beau, Joshua White.

Joshua and Leah can be seen in many-a-photo with one another on Insta.

What about the other Absolutely Ascot relationships?

While some couples have broken up and others have got together. There’s one pair of lovebirds in Ascot that’s going the distance and that’s Samson Smith and Chloe Bowler.

Ellie Ball is pretty much settled with her boo and baby Michael, while Angel Stanley looks loved up on Instagram, too.

Claudia Smith and Gary Ball clearly called it quits before it even began during series 2 and things still seem that way according to their Insta accounts.

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