Since Absolutely Ascot launched at the beginning of autumn there has been an uproar over the supposed cast.

The brand new ITVBe series is set in the small town of Ascot, Berkshire, and follows the lives of party-hard young professionals.

Much like The Only Way is Essex, however, many of the cast members are not from the areas where filming takes place.

Now, locals have started a government petition to have the series pulled from TV because of the misrepresentation!

So, how many of the Absolutely Ascot cast are actually from Ascot?

Absolutely Ascot on ITVBe
Pictured: Mia Sulley

The Absolutely Ascot Petition

On September 20th, a government petition was submitted to rename the show due to ‘false advertising’.

The petition was rejected.

Absolutely Ascot petition

Absolutely Ascot petition

Speaking exclusively to OK! Online, an insider said:

Basically people think that if the show has Ascot in the title then it should only have people who are actually from Ascot in it. The show doesn’t have to feature people from Ascot, it’s more about the fact that these men and women socialise and party and work in the Ascot area.

Which Cast Members Are From Ascot?

Of the dozen Ascot cast members, it’s believed that only one has solid roots in Ascot.

Amber Tucker-Chandler is rumoured to be the only Absolutely Ascot who hails from the area and now lives there full-time. The rest of the crew stretch as far as London, Essex and Surrey.

Here’s a rundown:

  • Alfie Best – proud Roman Gypsy although tends to set up shop in Essex.
  • Mia Sully – freelance make-up artist, again from Essex.

Screen Shot: Absolutely Ascot Alfie and Mia – ITVBe series 1 episode 2

  • Courtney Green – 18-year-old whose parents are from Braintree, Essex.
  • Samson Lee-Smith – Actually lives in a £400,00 semi-detached house in Slough.

Absolutely Ascot on ITVBe –  Courtney Smith.

  • Leah Fletcher – originally from Staines-Upon-Thames, Surrey.
  • Henry Simmons – Leah’s BF and son to a wealthy Essex property owner.

Screen Shot: Leah Fletcher and Henry Simmons Absolutely Ascot – ITVBe, series 1

  • Chloe Bowler – gives her home address as Marbella, Spain, but spends most of her time in Surrey.
  • Claudia Smith – Sister of Samson Lee and also from Slough.
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©Optomen Television – Claudia Smith and brother Samson Lee

What do you think? Is it right that the series is called Absolutely Ascot?

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