TLC has began airing The Blended Bunch, which focuses on a couple who both tragically lost their former partners. Here’s who Aimee was…

Erica and Spencer Shemwell’s daily life consists of looking after 11 children, with seven born in Erica’s previous marriages, and four from Spencer’s.

In the first episode, they spoke of how they had met through an online widow support group. Spencer then shared how his first wife Aimee died.

So, who was Aimee Shemwell? We explored what she was like, how long her and Spencer were together, and what happened.

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Who was Aimee Shemwell?

Aimee Wohlfahrt Shemwell, from Linden, was Spencer Shemwell’s first wife. He has been described as the love of her life.

She died at the age of 29 years old, in November 2017.

Aimee was a big sister to her six younger siblings, four sisters Michele, Ashlyn, Faith, and Samantha, and two brothers Darren and Alec.

Spencer said that Aimee loved having children due to “her natural ability to lead, nurture, guide, and understand others”.

She was a mother-of-four who was married to Spencer for ten years. Aimee was pregnant when she died, with a baby who was due in April 2018.

What happened to Aimee Shemwell?

  • Aimee died following a car accident

Aimee and Spencer were involved in a car accident while they were on their way back home from dinner.

Their car was T-boned by a tractor trailer on a major intersection, near their Virginia home. Aimee died at the scene, along with their unborn baby.

Earlier that day, Spencer had taken the day off work so that him and Aimee could spend time with their children, and cuddle in the morning together.

Their four children were also in the car at the time of the crash.

One child was flown to INOVA Fairfax Hospital and the other three were transported to Warren Memorial Hospital.

Aimee and Spencer Shemwell: Relationship

Aimee and Spencer first met at a church youth group when they were both 12 years old, before later dating in their teenage years.

They started dating in 2007, before getting married in the same year.

Aimee gave birth to their first son Brayden, in June 2008, before having Harper in April 2012, Avery in April 2014, and Bexley in April 2016.



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