Alaskan Bush People previously filmed Billy and Ami Brown, with their eight grown children, as they lived in the wilderness. But things have changed since Billy died, and fans are wondering how Ami is doing.

Ami brought up her children with little electricity, alongside late husband Billy Brown. Now living in Washington, they previously resided in Copper River Valley, where temperatures can drop to 60 degrees under zero.

Billy usually brought in the money for the family, which leaves Discovery+ plans concerned about how Ami is being supported. We explored how she is doing now and ways viewers have been helping her since he died.

How is Ami Brown doing now?

Ami is working on continuing her life without Billy Brown, with him there in spirit. She has plans to build a new barn for the animals, as she knows her late husband wanted to make the ranch bigger.

The mother-of-eight also said it is the beginning of a new era, which involves her and the children working to turn into a working ranch and farm. She added that “the dream hasn’t died nor has it changed”.

She said on Alaskan Bush People:

Sad as it may be, da’s not right here with us, not physically, but we know in spirit he is. And we know what all da wanted — we have to go on, that’s what we do.

Fans have also put together a Facebook group to support Ami Brown following Billy’s passing. It was made at the request of the Brown family, to support her during the difficult time.

Ami Brown’s net worth explored

Ami is reportedly worth $500,000 in 2021. As per Distractify, Ami and Billy Brown were worth an estimated $500,000 prior to Billy’s death.

Since Billy’s passing, it is likely that both Ami and her children may have inherited a large amount of their late husband and father’s wealth.

The US Sun reported in 2020 that “each Alaskan Bush People family member pulls in between $40,000 to $60,000 per paycheck“.

Alaskan Bush People: Ami’s health

In 2017, Ami was diagnosed with lung cancer after suffering from back pain which she thought could’ve been arthritis. She is now in remission, but revealed she gets regular scans to see if the cancer is back or not.

She was reportedly in remission in late 2017, however she has to attend hospital appointments every three months following her recovery. Ami has said that the regular visits to the doctor have become part of her life.

The Discovery star was initially diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer and moved, with her family, from rural Alaska to Washington so that she could receive cancer treatment. Some viewers have wondered if Ami is still alive, but this is purely just speculation and not confirmed as true.



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