Alice Perrin's weight loss is inspirational - from Tattoo Fixers Extreme to weight loss queen!

Alice Perrin has been rocking a new look in the latest series of Tattoo Fixers Extreme.

Series 6 of the E4 series launched in mid-April, with tattooist Alice joined by regular in-house artists Pash and Uzzi.

However, fans have been quick to point out that Alice is looking super trim thanks to a stunning weight loss transformation since her first appearance on the show in 2k16.

Screenshot: Alice Perrin – Tattoo Fixers Extreme, E4

Who is Alice Perrin?

Alice is a 26-year-old professional tattoo artist from Hereford.

She always wanted to be a tattoo artist and took her first steps by completing a BA in Fine Art at Hereford College of Art.

Previously, she worked as a part-time carer and lives at home with her parents and younger brother. Oh, and two rabbits.

Screenshot: Alice Perrin – Tattoo Fixers Extreme, E4

When did she join the show and what did she look like?

Alice joined the show in series 2, which aired in 2016.

She’s worked alongside Lou Hopper, Jay Hutton, Glen Carlos, Uzzi and Pash Canby, receptionist Paisley Billings and Sketch Porter and is one of the longest-serving members on the series.

On the show, Alice is brutally honest and often has audiences in stitches with her straight responses to the unveiling of hideous tattoos.

That’s probably why people are keen to see her appear in ever series!

Alice Perrin’s weight loss transformation

Tattoo Fixers Extreme series 6 has seen Alice flaunt an impressive weight loss transformation.

When she started on the show, Alice had more of a rounded face and squishable cheeks.

Screenshot: Alice Perrin – Tattoo Fixers Extreme, E4

Screenshot: Alice Perrin – Tattoo Fixers Extreme, E4

Screenshot: Alice Perrin – Tattoo Fixers Extreme, E4

Three years down the line, however, Alice has much more of a defined jaw.

She’s rocking the look on Instagram, where you can follow her under @Alish_p.

Judging by the Insta, it looks like Alice kicked her new healthy lifestyle into action around 2017 and has continued to progress over the past two years.

How to watch Tattoo Fixers Extreme

The latest series of Tattoo Fixers currently airs every Wednesday night.

Tune in to E4 at 9 pm to watch Alice, Pash and Uzzi in tattooing action.

Alternatively, you can catch up with the current – and all previous series – via the official Channel 4 media player, ALL4.

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