Alina's secret on 90 Day Fiancé and her relationship with Elijah explored

Alina's secret on 90 Day Fiancé and her relationship with Elijah explored

TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 days is back in 2021 with a bunch of new couples and returning cast member Usman Umar. Gino and Jasmine, Hamza and Memphis and Ximena and Mike are some of the couples on the show, but it doesn’t appear to have been plain sailing for the couples since they first met in person.

Caleb and Alina had been speaking online for many years before meeting for the first time in Russia. Judging by the episode 4 preview, Alina is keeping a secret from Caleb, so let’s find out more about her…

90 Day Fiancé | Before the 90 Days Season 5 Trailer

90 Day Fiancé | Before the 90 Days Season 5 Trailer

Meet Alina from 90 Day Fiancé

Alina Kasha is a cast member on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days in 2021. She met Arizona native Caleb Greenwood online and the pair meet for the first time in an airport during the show.

Caleb is 28 years old and Alina is 27. She hails from St Petersburg, Russia and is a singer who loves a bit of burlesque.

Caleb reveals that they’ve been together for about a year and a half but they’ve known each other for half their lives. They first met online when they were teenagers and chatted like friends but they lost touch and then later found each other again on a Russian dating app.

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Who is Elijah on 90 Day Fiancé?

Elijah is introduced on 90 Day Fiancé as Alina’s best friend.

He’s a member of Alina’s BFF band along with their other friend, Asa. One of the band’s songs, released in 2018, is titled ‘My Pu***’s Got Wifi’ which may suggest that they’re not exactly going for a ‘PG’ image.

Elijah and Alina live together, as well as perform together, and he also appears on the TLC show.

Follow Elijah on Instagram where he has over 2.4k followers @elijah_90dayfiance.

Alina’s secret on 90 Day Fiancé explored

During drinks between Caleb, Alina and Elijah in episode 4, things get a little awkward between the trio when Caleb asks about Alina’s dating history.

Caleb asks Elijah: “What was her last relationship?” and Elijah tells him it was “such a mess“.

In terms of how long Alina’s last relationship lasted, Elijah said he didn’t remember. But, Alina said it was around six months long.

The clip has got lots of 9DF fans suggesting that something could have gone on between Alina and Elijah, while others thought that maybe she’s married or was previously married.

However, Alina’s secret may not be so much relationship-based but it really could be anything at this point. A Tweet from December 2021 could point to what her secret might be as Alina wrote: “So there’s a rumor about me having porn images and posting censored nudes (which got deleted by IG today), talking like it’s 2 different things.. well… the gif explains this situation.”

From her Tweet, some could think that Alina posts X-Rated content which might be something that she’s yet to reveal to Caleb. She has also posted the odd photo to Instagram tagging a company that puts on sensual and erotic movies.

Looking at Alina’s IG page, she hasn’t posted any risqué photos and she also doesn’t link to any sites such as OnlyFans, so it may have just been a rumour that she posted censored pictures.

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