With the return of Eat Well For Less? to our screens means the return of no-hassle, quick and amazing recipes, tips and tricks.

Although the show has been absent for two weeks and we have yet to see episode 2 (which will air at a different slot on Wednesday, June 12th), here are some of the best recipes from episode 1.

We will continue to update this page with the best new recipes as the episodes are broadcast.

So read on to find out all the ways you can eat better, save more and impress your mates with all new cooking skills!

BBC iPlayer: Eat Well for Less - Priya Tew

BBC iPlayer: Eat Well for Less.

Egg in a Mug

This dish is as simple as it sounds, but you would not believe the results!

Step 1: Crack one single large egg into a mug

Step 2: Carefully pierce the yolk with one small prick of a knife

Step 3: Place into the microwave with a piece of kitchen paper over the top of the mug

Step 4: Microwave for 1 minute 10 seconds non-stop

Step 5: Place onto a muffin with your choice of spreads, sauces, salads or – if you’re looking to recreate that McDonald’s favourite – bacon!

Screenshot: Eat Well for Less? BBC One, Eggs in a Mug

Screenshot: Eat Well for Less? BBC One, Eggs in a Mug

Screenshot: Eat Well for Less? BBC One, Eggs in a Mug

Screenshot: Eat Well for Less? BBC One, Eggs in a Mug

Frozen vegetable tagine

This recipe is entirely prep-free making it the perfect dish after a long day. And it comes out at just £1.52 per portion making it a ridiculously quick and deliciously cheap meal!

Step 1: Heat a pan and add oil, adding in frozen carrots, onion and celery

Step 2: Add frozen garlic and ginger to the pan, before adding the ground cumin and smoked paprika

Step 3: Follow this by adding frozen butternut squash, mixed veg and tinned tomatoes

Step 4: Fill the empty tin of tomatoes up with water and add to the pan, then add the butterbeans

Step 5: Crumble in the vegetable stock cube and simmer with the lid on for 15 mins

Step 6: Add in the frozen spinach and cook for a few minutes, then add coriander and serve!

Screenshot: Eat Well for Less? BBC

Udon noodle soup

This quick and easy recipe from episode 2 (Wednesday, June 12th) will make you never want to choose a takeaway over homecooked ever again!

Step 1: Slice sugar snap peas, spring onions and chillies and thinly peel some carrots.

Step 2: Make some vegetable stock in a big saucepan on the hob and separate a few ladles to be mixed in with 1 tbsp miso paste in a separate bowl.

Step 3: Cook the udon noodles separately to the packet’s instructions.

Step 4: Add the chopped vegetables to the stock, but be careful not to overcook as you want them to retain some crunch!

Step 5: Add the separated miso stock back into the main pan, add a dessertspoon of rice wine vinegar and a lot of green chilli paste – but taste as you go!

Step 6: Dish up the drained noodles then add the veg on top, followed by the spicy soup broth.

Step 7: Garnish how you please with coriander, pickled ginger or chilli!

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