All there is to know about Christine Chiu's husband plastic surgeon Dr Chiu!

All there is to know about Christine Chiu's husband plastic surgeon Dr Chiu!

Christine Chiu and her husband Dr Gabriel Chiu are cast members on a brand new Netflix series Bling Empire. Let’s get to know the wealthy surgeon even more!

Bling Empire kicked off from January 15th 2021 and gives viewers a glimpse into the lavish lives of some of LA’s richest residents.

Anyone new to the show can expect a lot of glamour, drama and fabulous parties from Kevin Kreider, Kim Lee, Kelly Mi Li, Kane Lim, Jamie Xie and co!

Screenshot: Dr Chui Bling Empire – Netflix

Dr Chui: Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery

Dr Chui and Christine run Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery together.

According to Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery‘s website, they offer a variety of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures which aim to be as minimally invasive as possible.

Dr Chui is renowned in the industry and has had many celebrity clients. The surgery is located close to Rodeo Drive in LA.

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Screenshot: Dr Chui Bling Empire – Netflix

Dr Chui’s parents

Although they don’t appear in Bling Empire season 1, Dr Chui’s parents are brought up many times during Bling Empire.

Their opinion is considered very important by both Dr Chui and his wife Christine. Discussing the subject of expanding their family, Gabriel and Christine were considering surrogacy. However, they felt they needed to get Dr Chui’s parents’ blessing first.

As explained by Christine during episode 1, her husband is “Twenty-fourth generation direct descent of the Song Dynasty.”

She added: “If dynasties were still in existence in China, my husband’s father would be an emperor and he would be next in line.”

Although both Gabriel and Christine were nervous to ask his parents for their blessing, they were fine with the idea of them having another baby via a surrogate.

Dr Gabriel Chiu: Age

According to Share Care, Dr Chiu is 53 years old.

His wife, Christine, turns 39 in 2021 making her 14 years younger than Gabriel.

Together, Christine and Gabriel share a son, Baby G. He celebrated his first birthday during Bling Empire in a very lavish party. During the series, the plastic surgeon and his wife decided that they would remain a family-of-three rather than having another baby.

Dr Chiu has an Instagram account which looks to be pretty much dedicated to his surgery. However, he’s clearly a family man and also takes to social media to share photos of his son and wife. Follow Gabriel @drchiubhps where he has over 220,000 followers already!

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