Alone at Home - What is it about? Is it a one-off or a SERIES?
ALONE AT HOME - Laurel, Dan, Ethan, Natalie and Millie

Alone at Home - What is it about? Is it a one-off or a SERIES?

A brand new reality TV show will launch on Channel 4 tonight (November 9th).

Alone at Home is an experimental-style programme that is based around a scientific study.

According to research, overprotective parents can lead to children losing out on their independence in later life.

Alone at Home put this theory to the test over one long weekend…


What is Alone at Home About?

The premise of the show sees one family leave their children, aged between eight and 16, alone at home for four days.

The parents pack up their bags and leave the youngsters to fend for themselves.

Of course, safety precautions are in place, with remotely operated cameras monitored by a production team and independent experts.

For mum and dad, however, it’s an incredibly nervy watch, with 27 cameras catching all of the action and mischief that their kids get up to.

What is the Study?

The study that kick-started Alone at Home on Channel 4 is a report that suggests British parents are among the most anxious parents in Europe.

This often leads to what is known as ‘helicopter parenting’, where parents’ overprotective and mollycoddling ways limit their children’s independence in later life.

ALONE AT HOME – Laurel, Dan, Ethan, Natalie and Millie

What Time and Channel is Alone at Home on?

Alone at Home will air on Channel 4 every Friday night.

The show programme will start at 8 pm and last 60 minutes.

Is it a One-off or a Series?

Alone at Home is a four-part series.

It will continue airing on Channel 4 at the same time until December 30th.

Who are the Alone at Home Cast?

A new family will feature on the series each episode.

In episode 1, there’s teenagers Millie (16) and Laurel (16). They dabble with the alcohol cabinet and spent almost all of their £70 budget on pizzas and taxis to school!

Episode 2 features the young sibling trio of Lola (12), Travis (10) and captain of the ship Charlie (15). Charlie has Down’s syndrome and mum Alison is keen to show the world that people underestimate his big brother credentials.

ALONE AT HOME, CHANNEL 4 – L-R Alison, Andrew, Travis, Lola, Charlie.

Alexander and Nicholas attempt not to got to war during episode 3  which is the only thing you’d expect from 13-year-old twins. There’s also eight-year-old Edward and 12-year-old William to throw into the mix. Yikes.

Episode 4 – yet to be confirmed.



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