American Idol fans think Dan Marshall could be the season 20 winner
Screenshot: Virginia Tech Football Player Dan Marshall Sings 'The Dance' By Garth Brooks - American Idol 2022

American Idol fans think Dan Marshall could be the season 20 winner

Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan are back in 2022 for a brand new season of American Idol. On the hunt for this year’s singing superstar, the judges have been blown away at many of the auditions so far. Country singers to R’n’B performers have graced the American Idol audition room singing their renditions of huge hits such as Whitney Houston’s I’m Your Baby Tonight.

The audition stages of American Idol season 20 continued on Sunday, March 20th and both the judges and viewers at home were super-impressed by one of this year’s contestants – Dan Marshall. So, let’s find out more about the American Idol star…

The Ultimatum | Official Teaser | Netflix

The Ultimatum | Official Teaser | Netflix

Who is Dan Marshall?

Daniel Marshall Griffith is a country singer from Chesapeake, Virginia. He currently works as a land surveyor.

He’s a former football player who played at Virginia Tech for four years as a linebacker.

Football had always been a huge part of Dan’s life, but in the past six months, he turned his focus to music.

He said during his audition: “I’ve been singing my whole life, singing in my truck” but added that he felt too shy to sing in front of people in the past.

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Dan had only done four gigs before American Idol

While Dan had always had a passion for singing, honing his vocal skills since a young age, he never had the confidence to sing in front of an audience.

Since the 24-year-old sang at his grandfather’s memorial service he’s been performing publicly and revealed during his audition that he had only performed at around four gigs in his whole life.

Katy Perry said that she felt nervous when Dan said that he’d only been singing for five or six months, but she added that he has “natural born talent“.

Following Dan’s audition, many American Idol fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on his performance. One wrote: “Dan Marshall Griffith is ready to become a famous country singer.”

American Idol: Dan Marshall is a TikTok star

Virginia-based country singer Dan already has something of a fanbase on TikTok. The American Idol star has around 40K followers and over 188K likes on his TikTok page.

Dan often takes to TikTok to share singing videos and takes song requests from his followers. Find the American Idol contestant @danmarshallofficial.

He’s also on Instagram with over 6K followers and says in his bio that he performs covers and his own original songs.

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