Celebrity Island: What is Anthony Ogogo's boxing record? Is he retired?

Is Anthony Ogogo retired from boxing? It doesn’t seem like he is, but why would he be on Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls if he was still an active boxer?

He’s gone under the radar on the Island so far, much like the current state of his boxing career: active, extinct, or dormant?

Here’s all you need to know about Mr Ogogo.

Is Anthony Ogogo Retired?

Anthony Ogogo is not retired. However, he’s not an active boxer, either. Instead, he’s semi-retired.

This basically means that Anthony is no longer among the professional ranks, as he hasn’t stepped in the ring since he lost his unbeaten record in 2016.

However, this could all change should Anthony decide to get his groove back on.


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What Was Anthony Ogogo’s Professional Record?

Anthony’s record as a professional boxer isn’t exactly a lengthy record – but it’s not a bad one:

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Fought: 12.

Wins: 11.

Wins by knockout: 7.

Losses: 1.

One loss in twelve is pretty damn good. And seven knockout wins in 11? Even better.

That one loss, however, came in his most recent professional boxing match, against Craig Cunningham. That fight took place in October 2016 where Anthony hasn’t stepped back into the ring since.

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Did He Ever Compete at the Olympics?

Anthony Ogogo actually launched his career as a professional boxer at the 2004 Junior Olympics – which were held in Texas. Here, he won the Gold Medal.

The only actual Olympic games he competed in, however, were the 2012 London Olympics. He didn’t manage to grab gold again, but he did the Olympic bronze medal.

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