Apply for BBC's The Repair Shop: Tips to get your application noticed!
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Apply for BBC's The Repair Shop: Tips to get your application noticed!

Here’s a look at how to apply to be on The Repair Shop. The BBC show sees all kinds of items, from family heirlooms to treasured gifts, restored back to their original glory.

The Repair Shop was first released on the BBC in 2017. Four years and eight series later, viewers are well-acquainted with experts such as Jay Blades, Will Kirk, Suzie and Steven Fletcher, Dominic Chinea and more.

Let’s see what’s required to get onto the BBC show!

Jay Blades, Julie Tatchell, Amanda Stewart, Steve Stewart, Amanda Middleditch – (C) Ricochet – Photographer: Production

The Repair Shop: Apply for the BBC show

The Repair Shop is brought to screens by production company Ricochet. The company also produces The Bidding Room, Food Unwrapped, Love Bites, Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning and more!

To apply to be on The Repair Shop, head over to the Ricochet application page.

Details of the item you’d like to bring onto the show, as well as its history are required in the application. Applicants should also include details of any damage and photos.

To fast-track your application (and stand out from other applicants) Ricochet recommends uploading a video: “Introduce yourself, your item, tell us why you’d like it repaired and why it has sentimental value to you. Don’t forget to show us the damage!“.

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Can anyone go on The Repair Shop?

There are some terms and conditions when it comes to applying to appear on The Repair Shop – not just anyone can go on the BBC show.

Applicants must be over 18 years old. Anyone who has been an employee, contractor, officer, director or agent of Ricochet Limited in the last 12 months won’t be able to apply for the show.

You also have to confirm before submitting the application that you are happy to give The Repair Shop full responsibility when it comes to restoring your item.

Who pays for the repairs on The Repair Shop?

The Repair Shop sees some amazing transformations take place. Items are brought into the shop from all over the UK and are often given a new lease of life.

A 2020 report from Radio Times states that contestants aren’t charged for the repairs made on their items. The show pays for all the repairs, however, it’s unconfirmed whether the experts who carry out the work are paid a fee to appear on the show.

Rob Butterfield, Ricochet’s head of factual programming, said: “…We don’t charge for repairs. If people wish to make a donation to charity we’re very happy with that, but it’s by no means necessary“.

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