Meet Archie on Teen First Dates - from "flamboyant" art student to forgetting his date's name!

Archie on E4’s Teen First Dates made quite the impact on viewers, as he went from being introduced as flamboyant, to forgetting Eden’s name.

The spin-off series of First Dates sees teenagers go full swing into the dating world inside a Manchester-based restaurant, The Refinery.

Art student Archie was seen going on a date with musician Eden, and their date was a very memorable event for those watching.

So, let’s get to know Archie – how did his date go? Let’s have a recap!

Screenshot: Archie, Teen First Dates, Series 1 Episode 1, All 4

Who is Archie on Teen First Dates?

Archie is a 19-year-old art student from Essex.

He plans to get a bar job when he moves to London to attend Central Saint Martins University.

He was first introduced on Teen First Dates by teaching front-of-house man Fred Sirieix how to slut drop.

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The Teen First Dates star said people either ask him if he’s gay or has ADHD when they first meet him.

He then describes himself as “quite camp”, adding that he doesn’t care.

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Archie’s date with Eden

Archie and Eden seemed to hit it off very quickly, with his love of camp culture attracting her to him almost instantly.

Going on to say she likes someone who embraces femininity, telling him that she has a lot of drag queen friends, it looks like a spark is there.

He revealed to camera that he posts pictures of himself in drag on social media, which would lead to him being called gay by boys on a field.

They also both admit that they’ve both never been in love, before he thinks she says the word “camel toe” instead of what she actually said… Hamilton.

Screenshot: Eden and Archie, Teen First Dates, Series 1 Episode 1, All 4
Screenshot: Eden and Archie, Teen First Dates, Series 1 Episode 1, All 4

Archie forgets his date Eden’s name

It doesn’t look too promising for Archie, as he forgets his date’s name.

Mid-date, he suddenly asks Eden if her name is inspired by Jurassic Park.

She then says it’s actually Eden, to which he links her name to the Eden Project – in order to remember it that way.

Smooth, Archie, real smooooth.

What happened next for Archie and Eden?

Archie says he is definitely going to see her at her gig, however she says she doesn’t know if she sees it going anywhere romantically.

She revealed that they unfortunately haven’t met up since Teen First Dates, but says the offer is always open for him to attend a gig of hers.

Following their date being aired, Eden posted a picture of her and Archie on Instagram, with a heart emoji as the caption.

She tagged the location on a picture of them on the show in the “land of love”. So, despite forgetting her name, it looks like they got along!



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