The TOWIE series finale is fast approaching and the drama has not stopped in series 23.

The agg won’t be calming down any time soon either as Dan Edgar and Amber Turner look to be on the rocks.

At the beginning of October Dan (finally) said the ‘L word’ to Amber but now it seems episode 11 could be the end of them.

So, are Dan and Amber still together?

Are Dan and Amber still together? The Only Way Is Essex: SR23: Ep3 on ITVBe

How Did Amber and Dan Get Together?

When Amber first joined TOWIE she was still with long-term boyfriend, Jamie Reed and rumours circulated about Amber cheating on Jamie while on holiday with Dan.

However, apparently that never happened and the couple ended up ‘seeing’ each other as Dan didn’t want to commit to a relationship – he’d just got out of a four-year relationship with Katie Wright.

In March this year (2018) Dan and Amber finally got together after months of being on/off and it seems like they are beginning to look like a solid couple.

Are They Still Together?

For the moment Dan and Amber are still together.

But, according to Capital FM, on October 2nd Amber tweeted “love sometimes isn’t enough” before quickly deleting the tweet which makes it look like her relationship could well be over.

The couple have had their ups and downs from the get-go, this series in episode 7 of TOWIE Dan insinuated that Amber was clingy to his friends but stressed that “it wasn’t in a bad way” to her face.

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Are Dan and Amber still together?  – TOWIE

What Will Happen in the Next Episode of TOWIE?

Expect episode 11 to be a turbulent one as we see the fallout from Bonfire night, Lauren Pope and Sam Mucklow get closer and it’s Pete Wicks’s birthday.

Dan and Amber are clearly on the rocks after Myles called Amber a “dirty little tramp” last week.

Amber got involved in a disagreement between Courtney Green and Kady McDermott which landed her in Myles’s firing line.

In the episode preview, Dan’s mum is seen saying:

She’s not the girl I thought you’d end up with.