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IBIZA WEEKENDER on ITV 2 Pictured: Isobel.

Are Ibiza Weekender duo Isobel Mills and Jordan Davies still dating in real life?

Isobel Mills and Jordan Davies endured a typically Ibiza Weekender relationship over the course of the 2019 series.

Although supposedly ‘dating’ on the show, the TV holiday reps felt no shame in getting with other people during body-shot games and explicit truth or dare games challenges.

But, in episode 7 of the ITV2’s 2019 series, Izzy and Jordan were forced to things off under the new ‘no rep-relationship’ rule implemented by David ‘El Jefe’ Potts.

So, what’s going on with Isobel and Jordan in real life now? Are they still dating? And why isn’t Isobel on Ibiza Weekender 2020?

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Pictured: Jordan

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Are Isobel Mills and Jordan Davies still together?


Miraculously, 21-year-old Isobel and Jordan, 26, are still dating.

Although things are on the rocks in Ibiza Weekender 2019, their relationship obviously picks up in the final few episodes.

The pair have been dating for over one whole year now months now, with the previous season of Weekender likely to have wrapped up in September 2018.

Here’s all their mushy Insta couple goals pics, from Valentine’s Day to Christmas 2019!

A perfect ‘Ibiza Weekender’ relationship

Just to remind everyone of the huge and multiple speed bumps that the couple faced along the way, here’s a timeline of every time Jordan got with someone else on Ibiza Weekender 2019.

And we’ve also included every time one of his ex’s turned up, considering that happened a lot!

Jordan and Isobel lock lips

Screen Shot: Ibiza Weekender series 8

Jordan gets with fellow rep Chloe

Screen Shot: Ibiza Weekender Jordan and Chloe

Screen Shot: Ibiza Weekender series 8

Jordan necks-on with former flame Eve

Screenshot: Ibiza Weekender 2019 Eve

Jordan kisses Megan, another former fling

Screenshot: Ibiza Weekender 2019

Nicola, another one of Jordan’s ex, joins as a 2019 rep!


Why isn’t Isobel Mills on Ibiza Weekender 2020?

While Jordan has returned as a holiday re for the 2020 series of the show, girlfriend Isobel was not called back by ITV producers.

However, the move backs perfect sense.

The storyline of Jordan and Isobel falling in love over the 2019 series became very dull and boring. Considering their relationship is in an ever stronger place now – who wants to see all that mushy sh*t?

Instead, producers have thrown Jordan back into the lions’ den, creating the perfect Sunday night TV in the process as audiences watch Jord try not to cheat on his girlfriend when all the odds are stacked against him.

Speaking of his role on the show as one of the more mature reps, Jordan told ITV:

I’m with my girlfriend Isobel, so for me coming into this season it was for me to prove everybody wrong and be like ‘look I can get through this in a relationship’.

I wanted to prove to everyone you can do this job in a happy relationship and that you don’t have to get with other people just to be a good rep.



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