Screenshot: Celebs Go Dating 2019 Jack Fowler and Kate

Are Jack Fowler and Kate from Celebs Go Dating still together? Is Aussie Kate on Instagram?

Jack Fowler did a Celebs Go Dating first when he brought a girl he didn’t meet through the agency to the grand finale.

The 22-year-old former Love Island star touched down in Tenerife with stunning brunette Kate.

However, he didn’t meet Kate through agents Anna Williamson and Paul Brunson. Here’s an explanation of the whole escapade with a glance at Kate on Instagram – yes, we actually found her!

Screenshot: Celebs Go Dating 2019 Jack Fowler and Kate

How did Jack meet Kate?

Jack met Kate when he was on a date with another woman!

Kate works at quirky London cocktail bar Ballie Ballerson as a waitress. She caught Jack’s eye while he was on a date with Karen, which was set up by the Celebs Go Dating agency.

At the end of the date, moments after Jack had told his date that he wasn’t keen for a second meeting, the 6ft 3 hunk swooped in and asked for Kate’s number.

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From there, they were allowed to go on a couple of dates before Jack eventually asked Kate to join him in Tenerife.

Who needs the agents, eh!

Who is Kate?

Unfortunately, we know very little about Kate as she didn’t directly go through the Celebs Go Dating.

However, we did stalk the sh*t out of her Instagram account.

So long as she wasn’t plonked on set by E4 as a talent extra, Kate is a waitress at London’s Ballie Ballerson having moved over from her native Australia, where she graduated from the University of Sydney in 2016.

She’s likely to be around 23/24 years old.

Since then, Kate’s been doing some extensive travelling over the last couple of years, popping up in Paris, at Coachella, Germany, Slovenia and a lot more.

Kate keeps it real on Insta, however, and her posts reflect her hilarious nature.

You can follow Kate on Instagram under @katewags, where she has close to 3,000 followers.

Jack Fowler and Kate: Are they still together?

Judging by Instagram, no.

Following a few interviews with Celebs Go Dating 2019 finalists, no-one has confirmed to Reality Titbit that they are still dating – even Luke and David Potts!

Considering there have been no recent paparazzi snaps of Jack and Kate in public, or pics on their Instagram accounts, or the fact that they don’t follow each other, it doesn’t look like they are still dating.



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