Exploring if Below Deck’s Jake Foulger and Fraser Olender are together

Exploring if Below Deck's Jake Foulger and Fraser Olender are together

Below Deck is back on Bravo for season 9 in 2021. There are lots of familiar faces aboard My Seanna for season 9 as well as some newcomers! The show kicked off and the crew set sail on October 25th, but of course things don’t always run smoothly on the Bravo show.

Hangovers from hell and demanding charter guests are pretty standard on Beow Deck and the crew almost always have some kind of drama to deal with. Here’s more on whether cast members Jake Foulger and Fraser Olender are together.

Below Deck | Season 9 First Look | Bravo

Below Deck | Season 9 First Look | Bravo

Who are Jake Foulger and Fraser Olender?

Jake Foulger and Fraser Olender are both newbies aboard My Seanna for season 9.

Joining the likes of Captain Lee and Eddie Lucas, Jake is a Lead Deckhand as of episode 3 and Fraser is Second Steward.

Fraser features both USA and Uk flags in his IG bio and is followed by Made in Chelsea‘s Olivia Bentley on Instagram. Jake is 27 years old and lists himself as a “sex therapist” on IG.

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Are Jake Foulger and Fraser Olender together?

It’s currently unconfiremed whether Jake Foulger and Fraser Olender are together.

The pair haven’t suggested that they’re in a relationship, however, Jake did take to Instagram on November 27th and posted a photo of the two together captioned: “Me and Princess“.

However, it’s likely that Jake and Fraser are just great friends. As per Showbiz Cheatsheet, Jake, Fraser and Rayna shared a three-way kiss during their season on Below Deck.

Speaking to Showbiz Cheatsheet, Fraser said that the pair bonded over British banter and that they have a “great relationship“. He said: “And we sort of warmed to each other… and … then some so we’ll see.

Is Jake Foulger engaged?

Yes, Jake Foulger is engaged. Despite kissing people during Below Deck season 9, the 27-year-old is technically ‘taken’.

Season 9 episode 5 saw Rayna say: “Mr Jake is engaged. If I was engaged and you was kissing on everybody and their momma, I would feel some type of way.

Jake replied that a blonde woman named Paris is his fiancé, but she’s not his girlfriend and added: “I’m not monogamous, baby“.

Jake also revealed that Paris is his “mate” and “needs a British passport“.



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