Are Natalie and Chris still together? We found the couple on Instagram!
Chris and Natalie.

Are Natalie and Chris still together? We found the couple on Instagram!

First Dates is back on Channel 4 for its 12th season and episode 2 of the series saw lovebirds Chris and Natalie paired up for a date at the restaurant.

The kooky couple seemed to be a match made in heaven, and fans have been left wondering if the duo is still together.

So, want to find out everything we know about the pair? Check out Chris and Natalie on Instagram…

Chris and Natalie

Natalie Neri

Professional tennis player Natalie Neri has had quite the sporting journey over the years, taking part in the WTA Women’s Tour and even competing in Junior Wimbledon.

However, off the court Natalie is just as impressive, working as a model and actress in huge shows like Killing Eve, Bodyguard and Luther, as well as movies like Fantastic Beasts: Tne Crimes of Grindelwald.

In her spare time, it looks like Natalie enjoys working out, going on holiday and attending Burning Man – classing herself as ‘festival fairy and burner’ in her bio!

Chris Summers

Graphic designer Chris was fairly open about his wacky side on his date with Natalie, and it’s safe to say that what he said was true.

On Instagram, he goes by ‘Captain Stonefish‘ and seems to fill his in Westcliffe On Sea, Essex going to festivals, fancy dress parties and doing his beloved beekeeping.

From the looks of things, he is also a ‘burner’ like Natalie and attended the Burning Man festival in Nevada just one year before Natalie did!

Are Chris and Natalie still together?

First Dates had fans hoping for wedding bells after Chris and Natalie enjoyed a sweet date at the London restaurant.

Well, we might not be able to give you that, but we can tell you that the pair follow each other on Instagram.

In the modern age of dating, this might be enough to point to the pair being a couple, but given that they haven’t uploaded any pics together on their pages, we can’t know for certain.


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