It’s somewhat unbelievable that MTV’s Geordie Shore is onto its twentieth season in 2019.

But, it is and there must be viewers that live for the episodes to air each Tuesday night.

The Geordie Shore radgies are still necking on, getting wavy and tearing up the Toon and all the while entertaining the nation.

Series 20 sees some OG’s return in the form of James Tindale and newer faces emerge for a second season – Tahlia Chung, Natalie Phillips, Beau Brennan and Bethan Kershaw.

There off and they’re on like a dodgy light switch. Are Sam and Chloe from Geordie Shore together?

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 17: Chloe Ferry attending the ninth annual Elbrook Cash & Carry Charity Gala Dinner at CHAK 89 on October 17, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Mark R. Milan/GC Images)
(Photo by Mark R. Milan/GC Images)

Are Sam and Chloe from Geordie Shore together?

The second episode of Geordie Shore 2019 saw Chloe Ferry in turmoil over her relationship. She said: “A part of us doesn’t want to end it with Sam, but the thought of living my life without him sickens us but I know in my head it’s the best thing to do. But do you go with your head or do you go with your heart?”

Episode 3 of series 20 saw Chloe and Sam making amends and attempting to get their relationship back on track.

The whole Geordie Shore house was affected by Choe and Sam’s constant breaking up and getting back together. it got to a point where Nathan Henry actually stepped in to mediate the couple.

Episode 3 saw Bethan take the family out to the beach for the day while Nathan stayed home with Chloe and sam to sort out their differences.

By the end of the episode, they were together.

Did Sam cheat on Chloe?

Rumours surfaced in 2019 that Sam had been unfaithful to Chloe.

He was linked to Love Island’s Amber Davies, but Sam denied that he cheated.

Episode 2 of Geordie Shore 2019 saw the house throw a neon themed party.

Natalie Phillips brother, Billy, was one of the guests. Billy advised Chloe not to throw away her relationship with Sam just over rumours.

Viewers of the show are understandably getting tired of the easily-influenced pair with one writing on Twitter: “I truly think the only reason Sam and Chloe aren’t working is the fact every fucker gets involves with the slightest problem they have! It’s pathetic. Just leave them be!”

Will Sam and Chloe get back together?

By the looks of both Chloe and Sam’s Instagram accounts, there’s no sign of a relationship.

So, we can assume that in November 2019 the pair aren’t together.

However, we wouldn’t hold our breath as Sam and Chloe have broken up and gotten back together many times.

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