Sam Thompson’s summer of 2018 was spent making and breaking up with Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo.

The Made in Chelsea star was dating Habbs towards the end of series 15 but ruined things when he slept with a girl named Diana Larionov while on a lads’ holiday in Vegas.

Nevertheless, Sam appeared to patch things up with Habbs during the final Made in Chelsea: Croatia episode.

Now Made in Chelsea season 16 has started… question is, are they still together?

Sophie Habboo’s Ex

Looking to move on from the Diana escapade – despite the random blonde girl from the U.S.A still hanging about in Croatia – Sam left the island of Hvar for one episode.

When he returned, however, there was a whole new storyline of drama awaiting him.

Sammy received screenshots from Habbs’s ex, where Habbs had made out that she still had feelings for her mysterious former lover.




The texts about Sam continued to read: I don’t like him. I feel trapped. I hate it here. I’m crying myself to sleep.


To make matters worse, Sam and Habbs hooked up for dinner, where they continued to discuss fixing their relationship.

And, to the salty tears of Habbs, it appeared that the lovely producers had asked Sam to read aloud the texts yet again.

Grade A entertainment, this…




Two Wrongs Make a Right

Sam Thompson and Habbs basically decided that two wrongs make a right.

They’d both f*cked up over this supposedly romantic Croatia getaway, but moving forward together and continuing their relationship was the best idea.

However, this didn’t exactly last long…

Are Sam and Habbs Together?

The short answer is yes – but it’s been a rocky road.

After Croatia, on episode 1 of the new Made in Chelsea season 16, it was revealed that the pair had officially broken up.

Sam explained to Jamie Laing that he had kissed another girl and that he and Habbs were over.

After all that Made in Chelsea: Croatia drama, where Sam literally grovelled to win back Habbs after sleeping with another girl in Vegas, Sammy boy had messed it up again.

Like, big time…





Sam Gets an Intervention

Due to Sam Thompson’s recent escapades, Oliver Proudlock and Jamie Laing roped in Mark Francis to help get Sam back on the straight and narrow during Made in Chelsea season 16 episode 2.

Jamie handed Mark the video footage of Sam getting off with a “couple chicas” in front of his own girlfriend, Habbs.

Mark looked more than displeased at the evidence of Sam’s antics. He cried:

It’s obscene, it’s pornographic!

Jamie explained that Sam is making “bad choice after bad choice”.

Mark concluded: “Someone else is going to have to make all of his decisions for him”.

They’re Off and Now They’re…On?

In episodes 3 and 4 of MIC Habbs began “trying to move on” from Sam by stringing along Chelsea newbie Tristan Phipps.

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea series 16 episode 3 – E4

The pair went on a couple of dates, one of which Sam crashed and professed his undying love for Habbs.

In episode 5 Melissa Tattam had the privilege of letting Tristan know that after Habbs and Tristan’s first date, Sam and Habbs hooked up.

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea season 16 episode 5

In episode 5, Sam and Habbs looked to have officially patched things up and poor Tristan was well and truly fobbed off.

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea season 16 episode 5

Sam and Habbs are Official

As of season 16 episode 6, Sam Thompson somehow managed to officially worm his way back into Habbs’s good books.

The pair met Harry Baron and Melissa Tattam for lunch and Harry said:

So you guys are official?

Sam said: “We are” before the pair exchanged a kiss.

Harry said: “I’m so happy for you guys.”

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea season 16 episode 6