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Blind Frog Ranch box contents explored, aztec gold, rocks and liquid metal

Following the success of the first season of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch, the Discovery show is back for a second series in 2022. Many mysteries still remain at the Utah ranch and there are lots of treasures still to be found on the land according to the owners Duane Ollinger and his son, Chad.

One item said to be inside a cave on the ranch is a box that may contain aztec gold. So, let’s find out more about the box, what the ranchers think is in it and how aztec gold could have made its way to Blind Frog Ranch…

The box at Blind Frog Ranch explored

One of the biggest mysteries at Blind Frog Ranch is what’s inside a wooden box within a cave on the land.

It’s currently unconfirmed what’s inside the box but the ranch owners and retired sheriff Charlie Snider are thinking that there’s potentially gold in there.

During season 2, it’s revealed that there are large rocks inside the box that have been bored and they also “contain cylinders of a strange metal that liquifies at room temperature” as per Discovery.

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How would aztec gold have gotten to the ranch?

The subject of how gold would be scattered around the ranch is covered during season 1 of the show and it all goes back to a Utah legend.

During season 1, Charlie Snider takes some coins found on the ranch to be checked over at a pawn shop. The shop owner says: “I bet you thought these were from the Lost Rhoades Mine. Your ranch is part of the famous treasure hunt that’s never been solved.”

The shop owner explained that in 1858 a Mormon leader named Thomas Rhoades trotted along the land and gold nuggets were said to have fallen out of his saddle bags.

The shop owner added: “…this gold of Thomas Rhoades, it came from Spanish contuistadors, known nowadays Mexico city. The Spanish were said to have enslaved the Indians. Eventually the Indians rebelled, took the gold and hid it. People have been looking for it ever since.”

During the 2021 series, Charlie Snider said: “So, the aztec gold and the Mormon gold are apparently the same thing“.

Do they find aztec gold in the box at Blind Frog Ranch?

Lots of different items have been found on Blind Frog Ranch over the years, a metal bracelet and various coins have been discovered by using metal detectors on the land.

During Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch season 1, Chad finds “pure gold” coins from 1849 on the land. These are different from the “Spanish coins” previously found on the ranch.

After having the nine coins looked at by specialists, it’s thought that they could be Mormon gold pieces worth well over $1m per coin. However, after inspection, it turned out that they weren’t made of real gold.

The residents of Blind Frog Ranch are yet to find any aztec gold on their land but after speaking to an expert, there could potentially be gold on their property that was brought over from Mexico hundreds of years ago.

Although the coins found so far on the show haven’t turned out to be real gold, Duane, Chad and the rest of the cast are still convinced there’s more to be found. Speaking of the box, they said: “Well, if you’re barracading it with ten inch logs in a cave then flood the cave” there must be something of value in there.

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