The Bachelor’s new fiancée said just 94 THINGS across the entire series

The Bachelor’s new fiancée said just 94 THINGS across the entire series

Series 22 of U.S hit The Bachelor was one of the most shocking and dramatic series to ever air on TV.

Bachelor Arie Luyendyk whittled down his 25 women to winner Becca Kufrin, before ditching her for runner-up Lauren Burnham a few weeks later.

Yep, in the space between the final episode and the catchup show that was filmed later that month, Arie had broken Becca’s heart by saying that he wanted to rekindle his relationship with the runner-up.

It was sheer chaos!

Lauren has since slotted into the fiancée role vacated by Becca, although audiences still can’t get over the fact that she and Arie could be heading down the aisle.

The blonde-haired beauty said barely anything to her future hubby over the 12-episode series.

In fact, thanks to calculations from Vulture, we can confirm that Lauren mustered just 94 different phrases to Arie across the show – and now they’re getting married!

LAUREN B – The Bachelor, Disney ABC.

Here is every phrase that squeaked out of Lauren’s mouth, featuring the most “absofreakin’-lutley”essential words in her horrendously blunt vocabulary.

Lauren Likes It Short

The majority of phrases Lauren coined were no longer than two or three words long.

Picture her, sitting at the dinner table with Arie, blissfully nodding in agreement and occasionally murmuring the odd sentence to move the conversation along.

Arie and Lauren – The Bachelor, Disney ABC

  • “Wow, look at that.”
  • “I really like that.”
  • “Me too.”
  • “Wow.”
  • “This is so cute.”
  • “Of course.”
  • “That’s terrible.”
  • “Abso-freakin’-lutley.”
  • “Sorry, I’m taking it all in.”
  • “Definitely.”
  • “Here we are.”
  • “There’s a plane behind you.”
  • “I know, you too.”

Lauren Has Interesting Questions

Only taxidermy Kendall actually broke the mould when it came to asking original and interesting questions.

For Lauren, it was a case of the same old sh*t. These are literally her five best questions before agreeing to marry Arie Luyendyk.

The Bachelor, Disney ABC

  1. “Are you pretty good?”
  2. “I know you want someone who has a flexible schedule, but what else are you looking for?”
  3. “How’s your night going?”
  4. “What’s your favourite colour?”
  5. “How do you like your eggs in the morning?”

Maybe Lauren Is Just Shy

Lauren often let Arie know that she was reserved and withdrawn because of previous trust issues and relationship problems.

In fact, the most Lauren talked was when she was explaining why she was so quiet.

Ironic, that.

The Bachelor, Disney ABC

  •  “I’m even more guarded now than I was before.”
  • “I want you to know that I’m trying my best, but this isn’t really comfortable to me.”
  • “I’m, like, really nervous.”
  • “I have a really hard time connecting my emotions with what I say to you when I’m with you.”
  • “I have these deep-rooted trust issues.”


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