Bake Off is back in all its glory for its tenth series running!

Since it kicked off on the BBC back in 2009, The Great British Bake Off became loved far and wide for the bakes, the cakes and mostly the dynamic between Paul, Mary, Mel and Sue. When the series moved to its new home on Channel 4 three years ago, many feared the show would lose its je ne sais quoi.

But things are better than ever in the Bake Off tent and a lot of the success is down to comedians Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig’s addition to the show.

While Noel is guaranteed to make us giggle, there’s one thing he also always pulls out the bag on Bake Off: Bold fashion choices.

In episode 2 (Tuesday, September 3rd), Noel donned a jumper which confused some viewers and excited others who recognised where the artwork came from. Here’s what Noel’s jumper is and how to get your hands on one!

Screenshot: The Great British Bake Off S3 E2 – 4oD

What is Noel’s Dinosaur Jr. jumper?

In episode 2, Noel wore a jumper which featured the artwork from Dinosaur Jr.’s 1994 album ‘Without a Sound.’

Dinosaur Jr. is an American alternative rock band who formed in the mid-1980s and are still touring and making music to this date.

The original artwork for the album cover was by Neil Blender, a pro skateboarder who was friends with the band at the time. Neil primarily designed artwork for skateboards but as he knew the band, he permitted them to use his art for their cover.

But neither Neil nor Dinosaur Jr. has not explained what the painting is supposed to represent.

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Noel’s jumper leaves some scratching their heads

For those who didn’t immediately recognise that Noel’s jumper was derived from a Dinosaur Jr. album, there were plenty of viewers who were confused by what on earth he was wearing.

However, some viewers humorously joked that the jumper was supposed to look like co-host Sandi or contestant Jamie Finn.

One viewer asked on Twitter, “What’s the jumper all about Noel” and Dinosaur Jr. fans were quick to clear up what it was all about.

And one fan even began using the hashtag ‘#alternativerockknitwear,’ but we’re not sure that niche market will start trending on Twitter at any point soon!

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WAH-WAH x Dinosaur Jr. collab

The exact jumper Noel wore in episode 2 of Bake Off was from the WAH-WAH collaboration with Dinosaur Jr.

WAH-WAH is an Australian brand who make bespoke jumpers, tending to collaborate with musicians and artists on their prints.

Unfortunately for fans of Dinosaur Jr. and Noel’s jumper, it has now sold out.

You can still see the original jumper on the WAH-WAH website, but unless they do a restock, you’ll be hardpressed to find anything quite like the original collab.

The Dinosaur Jr. ‘Without a Sound’ jumper cost 99 Australian dollars.

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Screenshot: WAH-WAH X DINOSAUR JR. jumper – WAH-WAH website



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