Redditt detectives have teamed up with Twitter investigators in an attempt to draw a flowchart of all possible endings to the Black Mirror Bandersnatch episode.

The Netflix special was released on Friday (December 28th) and has been a big hit across the global streaming service.

With multiple storylines intricately webbed together, close friends and families have been finishing the film with varying ultimatums. But how many different endings are there?

Bandersnatch Endings/Outcomes

There are six possible full endings to the film and many multiple short endings where you can continue to play to see a different storyline.

Outcome 1: Stefan is dragged out of Dr Haynes’ office either finding out that he is part of a movie set-up or yelling about his “21st-century friend”.

Outcome 2: Stefan jumps off the balcony, the game is published but you die.

Outcome 3: Stefan ends up in jail and the game is published.

Outcome 4: Stefan ends up in jail but the game is not published.

Outcome 5: Stefan ends up in jail, the game is published then pulled from the shops, before it is re-released in the future as a modern computer game.

Outcome 6: Stefan dies in Dr Haynes’ office (in Stefan’s mind he has gone back in time and dies with his mum during her train accident as a kid)

The most likely outcome is that you end up in jail, it just depends on whether your game is published or not.

If you don’t end up in jail, you’re more than likely to die. This is Black Mirror, so there is no real happy ‘fairytale ending’.

Here is a full flowchart of the endings, where you can navigate through the decisions.



Bandersnatch Flowchart

Although the algorithms within the Bandersnatch storylines are incredibly complex, only a handful of key plot decisions affect the general outcome of the game.

So no, picking Frosties or Sugar Puffs for breakfast doesn’t determine whether you are a murderer or not.

However, these decisions are key to your outcome in the film:

Work with Tuckersoft: Yes or no

Jump from the balcony: Stefan or Colin?

Take the drug or throw them away

After entering the code on the safe – enter with mum or not.

Picking the symbol of PACS or Netflix.

Chopping dad’s body up or burying it.

Finish the game today (on deadline): Yes or no.

Colin visits: Kill him or leave him.

Where’s Colin: He jumped or no idea.



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