BBC: Amir Khan's net worth explored - Meet the Khans star "lost £5m"
Screenshot: Meet the Khans: Big in Bolton s1 e1 - BBC iPlayer

BBC: Amir Khan's net worth explored - Meet the Khans star "lost £5m"

Amir Khan’s net worth is a subject of interest now that the boxing star has his own reality TV show on the BBC. Meet the Khans: Big in Bolton launched on Sunday, March 28th 2021.

Amir and his wife, Faryal Makhdoom, star in the show which gives viewers an insight into the life of a world-famous boxer – outside of the ring. It’s clear to see that the dad-of-three has amassed a great fortune over the years. But, boxing still looks to be his main passion, during Meet the Khans: Big in Bolton episode 1, Amir says: “Forget the bling, it’s all about being in the ring“.

Screenshot: Meet the Khans: Big in Bolton s1 e1 – BBC iPlayer

Amir Khan on Meet the Khans

Viewers of Meet the Khans: Big in Bolton are introduced to 34-year-old Amir, two-time world boxing champion and his 29-year-old New Yorker wife, Faryal.

Being welcomed into the world of the Khan’s is an eye-opener for anyone watching the BBC show as lavish cars, luxury homes and designer clothes are a normality. It doesn’t look to have come easy, though, as Amir said that he had to work hard for everything he’s got growing up in Bolton.

The boxer looks to be pretty transparent about money on the show. He started a wedding hall business and divulged that it was meant to cost him £3.2m but it has actually cost him over £11m to date.

Amir said that his dad suggested the wedding hall idea to keep him busy once he retired. Five years into building it, Amir said the glass alone cost £1.5m. Amir said: “It hurts you knowing how much money has gone to waste. Literally, £5m’s gone missing, I don’t know where it’s gone“.

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Amir’s boxing career

Faryal and Amir met and got married at a young age. She said on Meet the Khans that she was an A-grade student at school and wanted to go into corporate law but married a millionaire instead.

Given that information, Amir must’ve been a millionaire at the time of their marriage in 2013. At that time he would’ve been 26 years old, and Faryal, 21.

Amir has been winning gold medals since the age of 16. He won a gold medal at the AAU Junior Olympic Games in 2003. During his career he’s had 39 fights, 34 wins and five losses.

Amir Khan: Net worth

Amir Khan’s net worth is estimated at around £23m in 2021.

As per Bel-India, Amir’s net worth is estimated at £22.5m. However, Celebrity Net Worth sets his net worth a little higher at £29m.

Amir has been a professional boxer since 2008 and over the last 14 years has accumulated a hefty net worth. During his reality show, Amir can be seen driving a Lamborghini as well as detailing the tens of millions of pounds he’s put into his wedding hall business over the past five years.

Amir’s Instagram following is at 1.3m at the time of writing while his wife’s is 930k @faryalmakhdoom. Faryal is a makeup artist and social media influencer besides being Amir’s wife and between them, it looks as though the couple is running a very successful empire.

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