Bear Grylls Treasure Island: Money twist explained - who keeps the 100k?

Since The Island with Bear Grylls kicked off in 2014, it has taken on different formats from series to series.

The show has pitted genders, wealth brackets and ages against each other to see who comes out on top to survive the challenge for all five weeks.

While each season has had interesting – and controversial – results, this year Bear Grylls has upped the ante.

This year, The Island becomes Treasure Island, as Bear steps up the competition element by distributing £100,000 in boxes across the island.

So, how does the money element work in Treasure Island? Who gets to keep what?

Screenshot: Treasure Island with Bear Grylls E1 – 4oD

How does the prize money work?

There are boxes of money containing up to £100,000 hidden around the abandoned Pacific island the contestants are dropped on.

Helicopters airdrop the prize money in containers and the boxes can contain anything from £1 to £100,000.

In the first episode, they dropped three containers whilst the contestants made their way on to the Island.

They immediately have to make a choice: whether to pursue the money where they’ve seen it drop, or find a secure place to camp. Quickly people’s intentions become clear as ex-Marine Marco D’Andrea decided to lead them in the direction of the first cash box.

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Screenshot: Treasure Island with Bear Grylls E1 – 4oD

Finders keepers

One of the most revealing things about the money element is that when the contestants find the container of cash, it is up to them whether they share it with the rest of the contestants or keep it hidden for themselves.

There is also a catch. They have to survive on the island for the entire 35 days, otherwise, they leave empty-handed.

Only the contestants who make it to the end of the show get to keep the money they’ve found.

It’s like The 100k Drop meets Survival!

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Who has found the money?

In episode 1, Marco and Lord Ivar Mountbatten found the first box dropped on the island. It contained £15,000 which they decided to split between the two of them.

They stashed the cash and headed back to camp.

Ivar and Marco then found the second box which contained £20,000. They decided to split that cash as well rather than sharing with the group.

A similar situation emerged in episode 2 when Elissa and Emily discovered another container filled with £10,000 and decided not to share.

As the show progresses, more boxes will be discovered. But whoever gets the money all depends on who can survive on the island throughout the full five weeks.

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