Before and after pics of Bobby Norris' beard transplant - Has it worked?
Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Before and after pics of Bobby Norris' beard transplant - Has it worked?

The Only Way is Essex star Bobby Norris has completed a beard transplant.

Bobby, who has featured on TOWIE since 2012, has been given what people are describing on Twitter as a “new face”.

Analyse the pricey transplant procedure yourself with these before and after pics…

Bobby Norris

Bobby Norris beard transplant – Before!

He isn’t exactly the type of guy who would sport a big bushy beard.

In fact, over his five years on TOWIE and numerous appearances on spin-off reality TV shows such as Celebs On a Farm and Celebs On the Ranch, Bob-Bob has always remained clean-shaven.

See what we mean…

Bobby Norris Beard Transplant – After!

However, after appearing on ITV’s This Morning on Tuesday, February 5th, Bobby spoke about his successful beard transplant.

Much like Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing, who had a hair transplant last year, Bobby has filled in his face with some Biro-like stubbly dots.

Jamie Laing’s glorious hair transplant success is all over Made in Chelsea 2019!

According to The Sun, Bobby’s hair transplant cost around £9,000.

Perhaps it’s a grower and not a shower at this stage, cus’ you’d probably expect a little more hair for a 9k procedure.

Check it out!

Bobby’s current beard…

Although there is still fuzz on his face, Bobby admitted that his beard is already starting to fall out.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Bobby said:

You go through the cycle of the hair growth, so you go through the shedding stage, which I’m kind of at now. I’ve lost a little bit, but that’s normal.

But it isn’t until one year has passed after the treatment that Bobby will have his full and permanent result, so we will have to wait and see!



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