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bering sea gold 2022 season

Bering Sea Gold season 15 and potential return in 2022

Discovery Channel’s Bering Sea Gold sees teams of gold miners make their living by dredging gold out of the freezing cold waters of Alaska. The show has been running for almost 10 years and cast members such as Shawn Pomrenke, Emily Reidel and the Kelly Family are now reality TV stars as well as gold miners in 2021.

The stakes are high on Bering Sea Gold and strategy, efficiency and quick-thinking are all required in order to ensure that a season of dredging isn’t a waste of time. The teams fine-tune their tools and work day and night to make huge amounts of money on the Discovery series.

Fixer to Fabulous Holiday Surprise | Official Trailer | discovery+

Fixer to Fabulous Holiday Surprise | Official Trailer | discovery+

Has Bering Sea Gold finished in 2021?

Yes, Bering Sea Gold has finished for the year as of December 28th 2021.

The Discovery show usually airs on Tuesdays at 8 pm but the show aired its finale just before the end of the year.

As per the Bering Sea Gold Twitter page, Shawn bagged himself some large amounts of gold in season 14 episode 10.

Bering Sea Gold season 15 explored

Given that Bering Sea Gold has been airing since 2012, it’s unlikely that the show will suddenly stop being renewed now.

Each season, the various gold miners persevere through all kinds of conditions to mine for gold and it’s likely that they’ll all carry on in the field of work they’re in, so the show still has reason to continue in 2022.

Judging by the season 13 premiere date of April 2021, it’s possible that season 15 could premiere in the spring of 2022.

Will all the cast return for Bering Sea Gold in 2022?

Many of the Bering Sea Gold cast members have appeared on the show since season 1 back in 2012.

Because of this, it’s unlikely that any of the cast members would now disappear if season 15 is to go ahead.

Viewers could expect to see Shawn, Steve, Vernon, Kris, Brad, Andy, Zeke, Cody and the rest of the cast members still hunting for their fortune in 2022. There may be some changes to the cast, though, as Emily is expecting a baby in March 2022. There may be a new addition to Bering Sea Gold or Emily may not be present for some time on the show given that she’ll be a new mom.

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