Kris Kelly is back among the sea bed floor, hoping to find some valuable pieces of gold. Several fans are wondering what he’s worth…

It’s not just gold they find while roaming the ocean depths, as other precious items are usually discovered along the way.

Kris is one of the Bering Sea Gold cast members who are back for more in the new season, hoping to add more thousands to his current net worth.

We found out what he is worth in 2021, and explored how much the Discovery cast members get paid per episode.

What is Kris Kelly’s salary?

Kris Kelly is thought to get paid around $15K per episode, but each cast member’s salary ranges between $10,000 to $25,000.

His father Brad Kelly is thought to make more though, at $65K.

Alaska is reportedly providing Discovery over $600,000 to produce Bering Sea Gold, which is said to cover the cost cast members are being paid.

During the first season, they were paid less than $60K, but it’s likely that this would not have decreased now that the 14th season is out.

Bering Sea Gold: Kris’ net worth

Kris Kelly has accumulated a $200,000 net worth.

He spends most of his time mining for gold, which secures the primary source of his income. However, it takes a lot of hard work!

With more experience behind him, Kris’ father Brad Kelly has amassed a net worth of $2.2 million over the years.

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The Discovery star’s career

Kris joined the show alongside his younger brother Andy in its third season.

His father had long been in the mining industry and was already a cast member on Bering Sea Gold, so Kris followed in his footsteps.

The Discovery star is also the captain of The Reaper, the family dredge business, which he works on alongside his brother.

Kris is now running the largest vessel he’s ever captained!



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