My 600 Lb Life follows the journeys of people whose lives are critically at risk from overeating. Tackling the issues of addiction and dependency, the TLC show has been airing since 2012.

My 600 Lb Life season 10 features Bianca Hayes and her partner Romonte Phillips. Bianca is a mother-of-two and its her children who are her main motivation to lose hundreds of pounds on the show. Let’s find out more about Bianca from My 600 Lb Life season 10 episode 3.

1000-lb Sisters | Season 3 Trailer | TLC

1000-lb Sisters | Season 3 Trailer | TLC

Meet Bianca on My 600 Lb Life

Bianca Hayes plans on moving to Houston, Texas with her partner, Romonte and two children in order to seek help from Dr Now on My 600 Lb Life.

She is set to undergo her second weight-loss surgery. Bianca had her first surgery before having her daughter.

Bianca and her partner met on a gastric sleeve chat. While Romonte has kept the weight off, Bianca has struggled following the birth of her child.

During the show, Bianca said she gained all the weight back that she lost when she got pregnant with her daughter as she began drinking soda and eating chips.

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Bianca’s My 600 Lb Life journey

Although Bianca revealed that she can still work a couple of days a week at a call centre to contribute to the household, it’s her children that are losing out due to her weight gain.

Bianca’s mobility causes her to be unable to be the mother that she wants to be, during the show she said: “The worst part is that my weight makes me less of a mom.

She added: “My kids don’t deserve this, so I want to change, I have to change. The role of food in my life, right now, is a comforter and I don’t know how to stop myself.

Dr Now’s medical opinion explored

While some could think that because Bianca had the surgery once and lost weight, she’d be more likely to be able to do it again, Dr Now said that wasn’t the case.

As per Hollywood Life, Dr Now said: “If any patient looking for weight loss surgery has had previous surgery and has failed, in those situations, the chances of success are less than 1%.

He explained that because the patient has already been given a tool that takes away the physical drive to eat, it shows that it’s potentially an emotional eating issue that has recurred. The patient eats unhealthy foods to get through things in life.

Dr Now concluded that Bianca needs help with her emotional eating and with her behaviour and choices to make a long-term change.

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