Big Brother 23 prize money explored: How much could the winning contestant get?

Besides the experience of living with 15 strangers and appearing on national TV, the Big Brother 23 contestants are also in it for the prize money!

Living in a house without phones, internet connection, no contact with the outside world, 94 cameras and over 100 microphones may sound like many people’s idea of hell. However, with this amount of cash up for grabs, the contestants will likely put up with anything this season.

Big Brother contestants have to do all they can to stay until the end of the competition and avoid eviction. If they do so, they’ll bag themselves the biggest cash prize in BB history!

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What is the Big Brother 23 prize money?

As well as experiencing some kind of fame from being on the show, Big Brother winners are awarded prize money if they make it to the end of the competition.

In a game of social manipulation, the 16 houseguests have their work cut out. CBS viewers can expect drama at every opportunity. Episode 1 of the season kicked off Wednesday, July 7th.

The Big Brother 23 prize money is set at $750,000, rather than its usual amount of $500,000, as per Gold Derby.

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How much does the Big Brother winner get after taxes?

Of course, with any prize money, there are often taxes to pay. So, it’s unlikely that the BB23 winner will walk away with exactly $750k.

Previously, winners who won $500,000 would take home around $375,000 as per Praise Philly. However, “how much you’re taxed depends on your income and the state you live in“.

If the winning contestant’s cash is taxed at 25 per cent, they’ll walk away with $562,500.

Big Brother 23 Promo | Featuring the NEW Houseguests

Big Brother 23 Promo | Featuring the NEW Houseguests

Twitter reacts to the Big Brother 23 prize money amount

It’s not often that prize funds on reality TV shows are increased. And after it was announced that the BB23 prize fund had gone up, Twitter users had something to say about it.

One person Tweeted: “If the cash prize is 1 mil it’s going to make it THAT much better omfg IM LITERALLY GOING TO EXPLODE FROM EXCITEMENT“.

Another BB23 fan said: “I hope the grand prize going up makes these mofos play HARDER.

Someone else made a comment on Twitter about this year’s Big Brother house in relation to the cash prize: “Y’all that’s why the roof is so bad. The budget went to the prize money“.

Screenshot: Big Brother 23 – Welcome to the Kickoff Competition – YouTube



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