It’s a clip that we have rewatched over and over again.

During Wednesday night’s (September 26th) Gamechanger task, Cameron Cole thought that Akeem Griffiths had secretly cheated.

There was confusion as to the rules of the task by all six contestants, with Big Brother deciding that the only fair resolution was to replay the challenge.

Cameron’s accusations about Akeem were brushed under the carpet, although that doesn’t make his point any less valid.

Did Akeem cheat and steal from Lewis Flanagan during the Gamechanger task?

Big Brother 2018

Big Brother 2018

The Gamechanger Task

With Lewis F, Lewis Gregory and Isaac Jagroop all up for eviction, the Gamechanger task provided the opportunity for one of them to be saved from eviction.

Selected by Akeem, the three nominated housemates took on the Gamechanger challenge alongside Cian Carrigan and Kenaley Amos-Sissons.

The challenge was simple: run into the ball pit and retrieve jigsaw pieces. The first person to collect all their pieces and complete the jigsaw puzzle wins.

Big Brother 2018 Isaac.

Big Brother 2018 Isaac.

Did Akeem Griffiths Steal?


Having rewatched the footage several times, it is clear that Akeem steals a jigsaw piece from Lewis F.

Akeem completes his jigsaw before realising that not all the pieces are correct, thinking that he perhaps picked up someones else’s piece.

Slyly, while Lewis is still in the ball pit and not looking, Akeem swaps one of his pieces with one of Lewis’s to make his jigsaw complete.

He shouted out that he had finished and slapped the buzzer to win.

Big Brother 2018 - Akeem

Big Brother 2018 – Akeem

Akeem justified himself in the diary saying that he had two duplicates and needed to swap them in order to win.

Cameron Cole Calls Him Out!

Following completion of the task, Cameron attempted to bring up the issue to the other housemates.

He told Lewis F that Akeem stole a jigsaw piece from him without anyone noticing.

But, as no-one else saw it, Cameron wasn’t taken seriously, with Lewis Gregory dismissing the accusations.

Lewis G said:

Yeah Cameron, are you causing trouble? I think you’re all over thinking it, you’re a bit overwhelmed, it got a bit exciting and it went to your head.

Big Brother 2018 - Cameron and Lewis G.

Big Brother 2018 – Cameron and Lewis G.

The Rematch

Akeem never explained what really happened, other than in the Diary Room, as Big Brother made the final decision to have a rematch.

Kenaley won the rematch before deciding that Isaac should be exempt from eviction.

After all of that drama, it means that Lewis F and Lewis G are the two going head-to-head during the second public eviction of the series.