Big Brother fans are in for a huge shock as they tune in for day 19.

Akeem Griffiths is now completely bald!

As the conservative, sensible and ‘dad of the group,’ it seems like a particularly odd move from the 26-year-old Welshman.

How did it happen? More importantly, why did it happen?

Big Brother 2018 - Akeem Griffiths hair

Big Brother 2018 – Akeem Griffiths hair

Game Changer Catalyst

During the Game Changer task on day 19, Isaac Jagroop, Brooke Berry, Cameron Cole, Cian Carrigan, Kenaley Amos-Sissons and Akeem all competed for the chance to save themselves from eviction.

The uber-competitive Akeem usually walks away from these type of tasks basking in glory but this occasion he was unable to win.

Kenaley was victorious, for the second week in a row!

Akeem Griffiths: Haircut

Seemingly, Akeem wanted to revamp his look and recharge his confidence following the Game Changer loss.

Brooke Berry offered to spice up his look, shaving the sides from his head while leaving it longer on top.

Akeem was left with what looked like a Mohican after the sides were tapered far too high.

Big Brother 2018 - Akeem Griffiths hair

Big Brother 2018 – Akeem Griffiths hair

Akeem Goes Bold

Having initially laughed it off, Akeem retreated to the Big Brother bedroom with his hood up and hiding his new haircut.


Cue a few moments later and Akeem was back in the chair of destruction, with Brooke tidying up her mess and completely shaving the rest of Akeem’s head.

He said:

Do you know what Brooke? I think you’ve done an alright job.

Yes, because deciding that you need your entire head shaved is the sign of a good hairdresser!

Big Brother 2018 - Brooke Berry

Big Brother 2018 – Brooke Berry

 Is Brooke Berry a Hairdresser?

Err, no.

The 21-year-old is a graphic designer and blogger.

She did once have a shaved head, although that’s her only notable achievement when it comes to a hairdressing CV.




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