Big Brother: Zoe finds a FLAW in Sian's personality that no-one else has noticed!

Fans of Big Brother were caught by surprise when Zoe Jones nominated Sian Hamshaw for eviction.

Lewis Gregory and Lewis Flanagan gobbled up the rest of the remaining votes and will now be up for eviction alongside Isaac Jagroop, who received the lowest votes from a secret public vote.

However, although Zoe did mark the indefatigable Lewis G as her first nomination, it was Sian’s name that followed suit.

But why? Aren’t they bezzies?

Big Brother 2018 – Sian Hamshaw

Who is Big Brother’s Sian Hamshaw?

Sian is a 25-year-old waitress from Barnsley. She is a single mum with a four-year-old son.

The blonde beauty has tattoos across her entire body, with a full leg and arm sleeve, as well as a swallow across her clavicle, among other tattoos.

In the house, she’s been reasonably quiet, tagging along to the main group of girlfriends while steering clear of any confrontation.


Nonetheless, she’s clearly riled up Zoe the wrong way – and none of it has been on camera!

What Did Zoe Say?

Zoe called out Sian in the Diary Room for potentially coming across as less intelligent than she actually is.

She said that Sian often says stupid passing comments for no reason, and is now suspicious as to whether Sian really is that dumb.

Saying daft things for camera time certainly isn’t new to reality TV, although it’s usually more commonly associated with shows like Love Island.

Zoe said, about Sian:

Sometimes we might be having a conversation, in a group, and we might be trying to pass the time by asking things like ‘what’s the capital of Australia?’…

Big Brother 2018 – Zoe Jones

She (Sian) ended up shouting out ‘Brazil’. Stuff like that winds me up. Sometimes I think people do stuff like that to get a reaction or because they think it’s funny. It’s like they are trying to act less intelligent than they actually are and I don’t know why she does it.

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