Big Timber show location explored: Where is the Netflix series filmed?

Netflix is back with another Original Series in 2021. Big Timber shines a spotlight on Kevin Wenstob – a logger and sawmill owner who carries out a very dangerous job every day to keep his family and business afloat.

By the looks of the Netflix show, Big Timber equals big bucks and Kevin and his family are willing to take huge risks for good payouts. Season 1 dropped onto Netflix on Friday, July 2nd and is made up of 10 episodes.

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Where is Big Timber filmed?

Netflix’s Big Timber is filmed in Vancouver Island, Canada.

The documentary gives viewers Gold Rush: Alaska or Deadliest Catch vibes – these people are willing to put themselves in dangerous landscapes in order to make a living!

Big Timber’s specific location is Klitsa Mountain. The family works on the steep mountainside which is home to some of the best timber in the world.

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Big Timber cast explored

Being a cast member on Big Timber looks like hard work, boss Kevin can be seen saying: “Nobody gets paid without the trees hitting the ground” during the series.

Battling the elements, and anything else that may get in their way, Kevin and his family are dedicated to the logging business.

Though the work may look brutal, Kevin said during episode 1: “I love what I do, it’s not just about the money“.

Kevin, who has around 40 years in the business, is joined by his son, Erik, his right-hand man Coleman and his wife, Sarah Fleming.

Big Timber | Official Trailer

Big Timber | Official Trailer

Big Timber salaries explored

The saying “no risk, no reward” comes to mind when watching Netflix’s Big Timber. They supply high-quality timber that can’t be found anywhere else according to Kevin’s wife.

There are millions of pounds to be made in logging, but a steady income isn’t always guaranteed, Kevin said: “If we don’t pull this off, we’re screwed” during episode 1.

Although Kevin’s net worth is yet to be revealed, it’s likely that the family business makes a lot of money from its timber deals.

Distractify reports that “owners of small-scale sawmills can earn up to $200 a day” and it’s likely that Kevin’s operation would make a lot more money than that.

Kevin speaks of buying more equipment during the series and says: “It’s only like $450,000 for that“, so it’s likely that he’s not doing too badly for himself!

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