Street Outlaws is a Discovery TV show which launched back in 2013. The USA show features all kinds of cars and makes perfect viewing for any lovers of fast cars.

The Street Outlaws are running street races, often at night, on the Discovery show which explains the name of the series. The cast aren’t exactly outlaws but street racing in the USA is either illegal, fine-able or frowned upon in most states. So, there’s an added edge to the show which may draw viewers in. Let’s find out more about one of the Street Outlaws, James ‘Birdman’ Finney, does he have a girlfriend?

birdman street outlaws girlfriend
Screenshot: Fogged Up Windscreen Loses Street Race For Birdman | Street Outlaws

Who is Birdman from Street Outlaws?

James ‘Birdman’ Finney is a cast member on Street Outlaws. He’s been on the Discovery show since 2016.

There’s a lot of money at stake on Street Outlaws and whoever wins the most races is bound to win the most cash. Anything can throw a driver off course, though. A foggy windscreen once lost Birdman a race back in 2019.

Birdman is a team leader on the show of his Megatron crew. There have been multiple spin-off shows from the original Street Outlaws show including Street Outlaws Memphis and Street Outlaws No Prep Kings. Birdman endured a crash while on the set of Street Outlaws Fastest in America but in 2021 he’s back up and running as a racer.

His Street Outlaws No Prep bio reads: “If there’s one man who is feared most in no prep racing it’s James “Birdman” Finney. Hailing from Houston, Texas, Birdman has a history of being the baddest around and putting the best of the best on trailers and sending them home.”

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Street Outlaws: Does Birdman have a girlfriend?

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Birdman has been in the street racing game for two decades.

He was previously romantically linked to Kim Ynfante. She also hailed from Texas and appeared on Street Outlaws with Birdman. Distractify reported in 2021 that the couple dated “a while ago” but it appears that Kim is now married to someone else.

A quick look at Kim’s Facebook page and it says that she’s married to a man named Kris Jarrell. She had posts on her Facebook page related to Birdman back in 2017, but it appears that the two haven’t been together for some time.

Ghost Hunters | Official Trailer | discovery+

Ghost Hunters | Official Trailer | discovery+

Birdman’s relationship status in 2021

As per his Facebook page, Birdman’s relationship status in 2021 is ‘single’.

Pretty much all of Birdman’s posts relate to racing on both his Facebook and Instagram pages.

He doesn’t appear to upload anything to do with his personal life and also hares a link to his merchandise page via his IG bio. Follow Birdman on Instagram @birdman_finney where he has almost 18k followers.

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