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Black Ink Crew Chicago: Has Lily been fired for good? Instagram response!

Black Ink Crew Chicago recently threw audiences the shock twist of season 5 as Lily Barrios was seemingly sacked from her position on the show by manager Van Johnson.

Lily is well known for her hot temper and explosive arguments having joined the cast as one of the main characters in season 4.

Ryan Henry, Phor and Don Brumfield, Charmaine Walker and Van Johnson have been there since the series launched in 2015 and, importantly, what Van says goes.

Here’s everything you need to know about Lily Barrios’s sacking and whether she will appear on the VH1 show again. Things just got heated!

Lily Barrios attends the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for MTV)

Who is Lily Barrios?

Lily is a 25-year-old professional tattooist and reality TV star. She was born on September 16th, 1993.

She lives in Chicago but is of Mexican descent. She even held an art show paying tribute to her Mexican roots called The Ugly Truth: A Day in the Life of an Immigrant.

According to earnthenecklace, Lily’s father passed away in 2014 after he was caught up in Mexican gang violence.

The website states that while Lily was starting her first college semester, her dad was kidnapped by a local cartel in Mexico. Following a demand for 50,000 pesos (approximately $2,600), Lily’s father was found dead the following morning.

On Instagram, you can follow Lily under the handle @tat2lily, where she has over 200,000 followers.

Currently, she is not in a relationship, although she dated co-star Junior Diaz over the course of season 3 while appearing on Black Ink as a guest.

Why was Lily been sacked?

During her time on the show, Lily managed to get into fights with just about everyone, starting with Junior Diaz‘s girlfriend Adriana at a prestigious tattoo convention and ending with owner Ryan Henry.

According to sources, Lily’s actions at the Chicago tattoo convention lead to a ban from the competition for the entire 9MAG team.

Ryan and Lily had it out in their office following the news, with Lily’s stubbornness and refusal to apologize or admit that she was in the wrong pushing the owner into his final decision.

He said: “She doesn’t give a f**k about anybody’s feelings except her own. You can’t work in here any more, period. Lily, you’re fired.”

9 Mag tattoo shop, as seen on the VH-1 television show ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ at the Lacuna Artist Lofts

Has Lily been fired for good?


We don’t expect to see Lily return to Black Ink Crew Chicago given the heated tension as she departed.

Van added:

We can’t do this sh*t any more. She (Lily) just got us kicked out of the biggest tattoo convention that there is. Lily is the f**king clown in the shop. It’s time for this f**king horror movie to end.

Lily responds on Instagram… fans hit out on Twitter

On Twitter, it seemed that many fans of Black Ink Crew Chicago were glad to see the back of Lily Barrios.

Her toxic attitude even lead to a Change.Org petition demanding that she was axed – and this was 10 months ago!

One Twitter user said: “They should have been let her go! She disrespectful asf. She has been given too many chances smh. Ryan should have had more balls to fire her but good job Van. She’s a liability.”

Nonetheless, the fiery 25-year-old still felt like she needed to have the last word, taking to Instagram to say her piece on “doors closing”.

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