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blind frog ranch poisonous gasses

Poisonous gas and radioactivity threaten Blind Frog Ranch crew's safety

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch continues into its second season in 2022. The owners of the ranch clearly have too many mysteries to solve in just one season so the show was renewed and is airing on the Discovery Channel Fridays at 10 pm ET.

Eric, Duane, Chad and the rest of the crew at Blind Frog Ranch have come up against many hurdles trying to uncover treasure on their land. Their list of obstacles now includes poisonous gasses and radioactivity as of season 2 episode 7. So, let’s find out more about the latest threats to Duane, Chad and co’s operation.

Million Dollar Wheels | Official Trailer | discovery+

Million Dollar Wheels | Official Trailer | discovery+

Mysteries found at Blind Frog Ranch so far

The team at Blind Frog Ranch are doing all they can to find Aztec gold on their Utah land in 2022.

A box containing bored rocks, cylinders of a liquid metal and ancient coins have all been found on the ranch so far but the mystery still remains in season 2 of whether there really is Aztec gold at Blind Frog Ranch.

The men have dealt with many challenges in trying to find their fortune including intruders, a murder investigation and the physical hurdles of attempting to extract ancient boxes from caverns.

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Screenshot: Divers Explore Dangerous Blocked Underground Cavern Blind Frog Ranch poisonous gasses I Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch

The crew attempt to enter through the dry entrance

After attempting to access the cave via flooded entrances, even considering diving blind in one episode of the show, Blind Frog Ranch’s crew attempt to enter through the dry entrance during season 2 episode 7.

By measuring the levels of radioactivity in the area, the team search for a dry entrance to the cave.

They’re using high tech equipment, helicopters, drones and drilling equipment to find their way into the cavern and uncover potential treasures.

Poisonous gasses explored at Blind Frog Ranch

Blind Frog Ranch season 2 episode 7 sees the team find a way of entering the cavern via a dry entrance and they’ll need to drill a small hole in order to make their way into the cave.

Despite radioactivity being useful in pointing the team in the right direction of an entrance, the team have to consider the safety risks of exposure to radioactivity as well as avoiding the inhalation of poisonous gasses.

Radioactivity emits from the newly drilled hole during season 2 and as well as this health risk, the team’s lives are potentially at risk too as more intruders are on the land again.

As per AirThings, Utah is known to be a US state with one of the highest concentrations of radon: “As a radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer, it’s important for all residents to be aware of radon, what it does, why it is so prevalent, and what they can do about it.

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