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blind frog ranch windstorm

Chad considers "diving blind" during a windstorm on Blind Frog Ranch

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch continues into 2022 with its second series. The Discovery show is centred around father and son duo Duane and Chad Olinger who are convinced that there’s a fortune to be found on their land at Blind Frog Ranch in Utah.

The Discovery series launched in 2021 and is full of surprises. From cursed ponds to ancient coins, intruders on the land and much more, there’s no end of events going on at the Blind Frog Ranch. Let’s find out more about what happens during episode 3 and how a windstorm threatens

Blind Frog Ranch season 2 explored

During Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch season 1, “discoveries of a lifetime” were made according to the show’s cast members.

After finding ancient coins in a cursed pond they said: “We’ve got to keep going, there could be some crazy stuff

Chad, Duane and the rest of the team believe that their finds on the Utah ranch were part of a much bigger story, so naturally, the show has been renewed for a second season.

Viewers can follow more findings at Blind Frog Ranch each week as the show airs on Fridays from January 14th, 2022.

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Chad considers “diving blind” due to a windstorm

Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch season 2 episode 3, ‘Diving Blind’, sees the team encounter many obstacles as they attempt to extract the infamous box.

During the episode, a windstorm hits before Chad is going to dive into the cavern to get the box. His visibility in the water is limited so Chad considers diving blind.

To make matters worse, the residents of Blind Frog Ranch always seem to have company when they’re hunting for treasure. Intruders are discovered on the land which adds pressure to the operation even more.

Have they opened the box on Blind Frog Ranch yet?

During Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch season 1, the team said: “It’s just a matter of time before we get into that cavern” and it really has been a whole lot of time that Duane and his crew have been attempting to extract the all-important box.

The box, located within a cavern on the land, is potentially filled with treasure and gold.

Various coins, bracelets and other items have been found so far on the Discovery show, but Chad and Duane are yet to uncover the box and find out exactly what’s inside.

As per Discovery, there are large rocks inside the box that have been bored and they also “contain cylinders of a strange metal that liquefies at room temperature”.

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