Louis Vuitton high jewelry, Chanel jackets, Bottega Veneta bags and Dior trainers are just regular purchases to most of the cast of Bling Empire.

A brand new Netflix series focused around the lives of LA’s wealthy residents, Bling Empire oozes luxury, extravagance and grandeur.

By the looks of things, there’s nothing better to wear to an event than Louis Vuitton high jewelry – so let’s take a look into how much Christine’s necklace might have cost.

louis vuitton high jewelry bling empire
Screenshot: Bling Empire season 1 – Netflix

Bling Empire: Louis Vuitton high jewelry

During Bling Empire season 1 episode 1, Christine Chiu dons an eye-catching Louis Vuitton pink sapphire and diamond necklace.

Christine wore the LV necklace to Anna Shay’s party and asks her: “I don’t know if you recognise this?

Anna says: “I have the same one“.

Christine explains that she was attempting to “flatter” the host. However, her plan backfired, Anna wasn’t impressed that Christine “enjoyed showing her the necklace“.

Anna said: “I don’t feel the need to compete, I find it fiercely annoying.” She then moved Christine and her husband, Dr Chiu, to the end of the dinner table.

The pair accused each other of “playing games” but this kind of game-playing, wearing designer necklaces, may well go over viewers’ heads.

Because of the necklace’s exclusivity, we can assume it’s insulting for Christine to wear the same one as Anna’s as she’s essentially showing that it really isn’t that ‘exclusive’.

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louis vuitton high jewelry bling empire
Screenshot: Bling Empire season 1 – Netflix

How much does Louis Vuitton high jewellery cost?

Bespoke jewellery brand Taylor & Hart has taken a dive into this sapphire and diamond laden piece of high-jewellery and believes its worth to be well upwards of £100,000.

Kate Earlam-Charnley, Design Director at Taylor & Hart, estimates that this exclusive necklace likely features 1000 diamonds set in white gold, with a further 400 pink sapphires adorning the design.

She said:

This necklace features more precious gems than most of us will come into contact within a whole lifetime! The true cost of this elegant piece will depend on the carat weight of the gemstones but the exclusivity of the Louis Vuitton brand will definitely go a long way in adding extra digits to the price tag.

If you want Christine’s necklace for your very own, Taylor & Hart can create it for you – complete with 1000 diamonds and 400 pink sapphires – for around a cost of £73,000.

louis vuitton high jewelry bling empire
Screenshot: Bling Empire season 1 – Netflix

Bling Empire: Christine Chiu’s jewellery collection

Christine Chiu, wife of Beverley Hills Plastic Surgery owner, Dr Gabriel Chiu, can be seen wearing all kinds of jewellery during Bling Empire.

The mother-of-one is all about high-end fashion and when it comes to jewellery she says: “More is more“. Kane Lim describes her as “the queen of haute couture and high jewellery“.

Christine says during episode 1: “In the world of high jewellery, not everyone is invited. You have to really earn your way there. Unfortunately for Anna, she needs to realise she’s not the only one in the game any more.

Piaget, Tiffany and Louis Vuitton are just some of the designers Christine chooses to opt for during Bling Empire.



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