Bling Empire: Does Andrew Gray have a new girlfriend? Is he still dating Kelly Mi Li?

Bling Empire: Does Andrew Gray have a new girlfriend? Is he still dating Kelly Mi Li?

Who is Andrew Gray’s girlfriend in 2021? Let’s take a look at the model and actor’s love life following Bling Empire’s release on Netflix.

He might be a red power ranger in his acting career but Andrew is Bling Empire’s resident ‘baddie’!

Andrew and Kelly’s explosive relationship was focussed on in a fair amount of Bling Empire season 1 leading viewers to wonder whether the couple is still together now.

Screenshot: Bling Empire season 1 – Netflix

Bling Empire: Andrew Gray and Kelly

Andrew and his girlfriend, Kelly Mi Li, are introduced to viewers during Bling Empire episode 1. Anyone would think, on first impressions, that the couple is a match made in heaven.

However, it’s apparent quite early on in the series that Andrew and Kelly’s relationship is toxic. By episode 4 the couple sees a therapist and Kelly says she wants to pack her things and take a break.

But, by the season finale, Kelly can be seen rocking up at Andrew’s door. Now, viewers are wondering if things worked out for the Bling Empire couple or if they’ve moved on with new partners.

Does Andrew Gray have a new girlfriend?

Actor, model and music artist manager Andrew, can be found on Instagram @andrewgray with around 80k followers.

From a quick browse at his IG account, it doesn’t look as though there’s any leading lady in Andrew’s life in 2021.

The last post featuring Andrew and Kelly was way back in July 2018. However, we know that they were still a couple in 2019 as that’s when filming for Bling Empire took place.

The couple can be seen in a group photo on Andrew’s IG in March 2019. He also seems to still be taking snaps with their dog, Kilo, in September 2020. However, this could have been an old photo and Kilo’s personal IG no longer exists.

Kelly Mi Li in 2021

Andrew, 33, looks to be focusing on work rather than a relationship with Kelly, 35, in 2021 and it seems that she’s doing the same.

The last post of Kelly’s featuring the two as a couple dates back to 2017. More recently, it doesn’t look as though she has posted with any love interests on Instagram.

However, Kelly and Andrew are still following each other on IG at the time of writing, so who knows if the couple could be back together in 2021!

Kelly also took to IG on January 6th 2021 to share her new dog, Sophia, with the world. She writes: “Within a short week, we completely fell in love and officially adopted her. Now Kilo has a little sister, and she’s sooo loved!“. So, perhaps Andrew and Kelly are still an item and share two pups, now, instead of one!

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Screenshot: Bling Empire season 1 – Netflix



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