Bling Empire fans want to know everything about Kevin Kreider, from his height to his modelling career, Instagram and relationship status.

Of all the Bling Empire cast, Kevin seems to stand out the most. Not for his good looks or height, though. But, because he looks to have been brought up differently from the other people on the Netflix show.

Bling Empire burst onto our screens on January 15th 2021. The show is such a hit that there are already talks taking place for a second season!

kevin kreider height
Screenshot: Kevin Kreider Bling Empire – Netflix

Who is Kevin Kreider?

Kevin Kreider is a model and cast member on Netflix’s new series Bling Empire.

According to his website, Kevin “was the first Asian-American to greet guests shirtless at the Abercrombie and Fitch on Fifth Avenue in New York City“.

Bling Empire episode 4 sees Kevin express that he wants to find his birth parents as he was adopted by American parents as a child. The model received DNA results which showed that he’s 78% Korean which led to Kevin wishing to find out more about his family and heritage.

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Kevin Kreider: Height

Being a Wilhelmina model, it’s a given that Kevin is tall. The Bling Empire star is around 6 ft tall according to IMDb.

He has an athletic figure and, according to his website, “spent most of his life trying to change his appearance to build self esteem and confidence“.

We can assume that Kevin is around 37 years old as he celebrates his 36th birthday during Bling Empire.

By the looks of things, Kevin’s Netflix appearance isn’t the first time he’s been on TV. He’s also starred in short films and TV series over the years.

kevin kreider height
Screenshot: Kevin Kreider Bling Empire – Netflix

Meet Kevin on Instagram

Bling Empire star Kevin is on Instagram as @kevin.kreider with over 120k followers.

Kevin’s dress sense is picked apart from episode 1 on the Netflix series, however, anyone who isn’t a fan of his clothing choices is likely to enjoy his IG account as he can often be found posing shirtless on social media.

During Kevin’s time on Bling Empire, he’s single and certainly gains attention from women. Kevin’s love interest was mainly Kelly, but it seemed as though Kim was pretty interested in him. In the final episode, he’s still single. And from his IG account, it doesn’t look like he’s currently got a girlfriend.

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